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This. Not at ALL a Flatt fan but if she has the money and desire she is certainly entitled to keep skating competitively at whatever level she can and for whatever reasons she wants to. I don't see why this is all causing such a stir. It's her business and hers alone at this point, and I also think you'd be hard-pressed to back up an assertion that she's longing for the figure skating limelight. The last interview I saw from her was published in a Stanford publication run by her classmates.
ITA with you here, This comeback has given me nothing but admiration for Flatt, and she has already competed this season with no fanfare and no big announcements, and did quite well, got a sp somewhere in the mid 50s IIRC and did a 3f and 3lo. She has every right come back competing and I cant wait to see the programs she choreographed by herself!