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I enjoy watching Jason skate, but his tripe axel is still problematic. At Nel, in the long program one of them was down graded and he only got a small + goe for the other done in combo. He really can't afford to give those points away.
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He's just now gaining consistency on it. Give it time. He grew late in the game physically.
In international competition his 3A attempts have been:

JGP Bosphorus SP: 3A<< -GOE (-1.43) =1.87 points
JGP Bosphorus FS: 3a < - GOE (-3.00) =3.00 points)
JGPF SP: 3A -GOE (-0.71) = 7.79 points
JGPF FS: A = zero points
Jr. Worlds SP: 3A + GOE (+0.86) = 9.36 points
Jr. Worlds FS: 3A + GOE (+1) = 9.50 points
Jr. Worlds FS: 3A+2T +GOE (+0.14) = 9.94 points
Nebelhorn Trophy SP: 3A +GOE (+0.86) = 9.36 points
Nebelhorn Trophy FS: 3A+3T +GOE (+0.57) = 13.17 points
Nebelhorn Trophy FS: 3A<< -GOE(-1.50) = 1.80 points

So as far as ratified 3As, he's at 60 percent. As far as ratified 3A + GOE, he's at 50 percent in international competition. However, over two competitions he has been 5/6 (83 percent) getting ratified 3A + GOE, so he's gaining some consistency on it.

I think he's come a long way. JGP Bosphorus was just about a year ago from Nebelhorn (in fact pretty much the same weekend). He went from earning just 4.87 points on his 3A attempts at that JGP to 24.33 in his three 3A attempts at Nebelhorn, including getting a 3A-3T ratified with + GOE for the first time!

That's not bad dice for early in the season.

ETA: Also since Jr. Worlds he's been consistently getting +1s from most of the judges. I agree with noskates assessment, he has the jump it's a matter of executing it. When he has landed it, it has been quite nice. Not Nobunari Oda nice, but nice nonetheless.