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Clearly, Murakami had the better showing at Worlds, but Suzuki had a far better season, with a better GP, making the GPF and medaling in the GPF, beating Murakami head to heat at 4CC, and winning the WTT.
Murakami should have placed 1st and 3rd at her Grand Prix events and had a spot in the final. She also should have placed over Suzuki at 4CC.

Not to mention that Murakami did far better at Japanese Nationals.

Akiko is great, there's still a chance she could be in the mix for an Olympic medal, but she probably peaked in 2012. Her jumps became less stable last season and I don't see them returning to the level they used to be at.

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Murakami's results are marred by her continuing habit of underrotating jumps.
Phantom underrotations, sure.