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I'm not sure there's that much difference in the exposure and support unless one is in the U.S. and is a skating fan. Despite their achievements, Meryl and Charlie aren't household words in the U.S. because skating isn't that popular here, and most American skating fame goes to ladies' singles skaters anyway. I suspect that Canadians in general are more supportive of their figure skaters, and besides, V/M won an OGM in a "hometown" Olympic Games. There was even a coffee-table book about Tessa and Scott, full of photos and biographical info. I've never seen so much as a magazine cover featuring Meryl and Charlie, let alone a book.

Be that as it may, in the skating world, these two splendid couples are almost equally praised and admired, and almost equally gifted and accomplished, though different in some aspects, and it sometimes seems as if one could toss a coin to decide which one should win in a particular competition. This alone will make the season even more tense! Nothing is really a shoe-in at this stage, it seems.
I for one am growing my nails EXTRA long, because I'm sure I will have none left by the time that gold medal in Sochi is awarded...

Reminds me of a great line from the Willy Wonka movie: The suspense is killing me. I hope it will last.