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I have not read through the V/T thread so perhaps I missed something, but I don't see where Moment said anyone was lazy. I think what Moment meant was, there is less incentive to improve if you are already receiving perfect marks (whether deserved or not). I recall in a highschool business class (or was it law? - I had the same teacher for both), I had obtained a perfect 10 score on an assignment. However the teacher deducted one point on the grounds that nobody was perfect. At least he publicly announced his reason to the entire class.

In any case, I think the skater's incentive to work harder is not so much the exact scores, but rather their closest rivals. In D/W case, V/M are the incentive to improve more (and vice-versa). Neither wants to lose. Without V/M, would D/W have been pushing themselves as hard (and vice-versa)? The fact that they train at the same rink further encourages more improvement, since they can see what their rivals are doing daily. It likely would have been hit & miss if they had been training at different facilities.
Since I was the one that started the thread, I guess I should take responsibility for the title and provide some clarification.

My main goal was to basically get the D/W comments out of the V/T thread and also I thought it would provide some spirited and lively discussion. And it did! (And tulosai provided that awesome article too).

When I said "lazy" I meant more the way that you're illustrating it rvi5 (and Moment too), not in a "sitting around and eating bonbons" way but more on a "rest on your laurels" way. Like "Hey, I don't have to change/do anything because I already have As." Even high achievers have areas where they are lazy because they perceive they have "arrived" in that area.

Hope that provides some clarity.