I honestly don't care one bit what any of them did or didn't say about the law. Even if D/W had said they're in favor of the law, I'd still think their skating was top notch and OGM worthy.

I also don't really think they care too much about their skating leading to other opportunities. Both are pursuing a quality college education that they doubtless expect to be more instrumental in their job search than their figure skating careers. I am not suggesting they'd scoff at endorsements or other opportunities, but having flown under the radar for so long due to the lack of popularity in ice dancing, I doubt it'd be any big loss to them.

I do also agree with some other comments that asking the question at all puts the skaters in a very uncomfortable position. They have been told a stance to stick to, and not sticking to it might have subtle but real implications for them. I also don't think that athletes should 'need' to use their celebrity to advance a social issue if they do not want to, and that if they do want to which social issues they choose to advocate for should be up to them. It's not really fair to say skaters X Y Z are awful people because they wouldn't speak out about this specific law.

To be totally clear, I hate the law as much as anyone. But I don't think that's relevant to what skaters should say or be expected to say.