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Once Navka/Kostomarov retired, Russia no longer had a lock on the World's top spot in ice dance, as the presumed heirs Domnina/Shabalin struggled due to his injured knees, and Khokhlova/Novikov faded and then split. North American teams V/M and D/W swept in to fill the void and have dominated since. No strong Russian team or teams have even made the World podium until Bobrova/Soloviev in 2013. IMO, the problem lies in coaching and and choreography; Russian teams often look fussy and old-fashioned, or try to be cutting-edge and instead border on bad taste.

It's not surprising that the same thing is happening at the lower levels.
its called cycle ever remember 2001-2006 ? NA juniors dominateed
for a while 2009 - 2012 Russian juniors had good pairs now they moved up to seniors and have dried up
and its NA juniors doing well again, I don't see any good current russian juniors, it will shift back starting 2015-216 season

, many young russian juniors will be junior international eligible in 2 years with the start of Konkina/Reviya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Vj3qPzrvw and there are many more of them to be eligible.