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When was that PB set though. Not anytime recently, unless it was in a Russian based B event with inflated scores I don't know of taking place (granted the scores here were inflated but Kovtun was the most sane and accurate score of all the Russian skaters here by far). I doubt Plushenko is even capable of skating at his Vancouver level (and even in Vancouver he was way past his prime) at this point.

I agree if he did a clean SP with all those jumps it would be close between them but I am hard pressed seeing him do that based on any of the sightings of him since the 2012 Europeans. Then the LP would be even harder for him to get through anything like that at this juncture, although we have to see how Kovtun skates in the LP here.

I am also not sure Plushenko would get super high PCS from international judges at this point. His programs are empty compared to what a lot of others are putting out these days, and he is much slower and skates with nowhere near the command and sharpness he did in his prime.
2010 Euros, so yeah it's been a while.