After seeing Japan Open 2013 protocol, I came across something that I could not stand anymore.
I'm going to rant about one thing. Well, particularly one skater, Mao Asada.
We know from all the protocols that she's been getting wrong edge on her triple lutz. I forget the last time seeing a clean, ratified triple lutz from her.
It's so ridiculous to the point where I wish they would have that warning(!) sign back, and have a severe punishment for almost-intended wrong edge jumps. This way, skaters who has a slight edge problem wouldn't have to face -2s or -1s on their jump. For example, Yuna's "Apparently" wrong edged triple flip on her sp in 2013 should not have received negative goes IMHO. I honestly couldn't even tell if it deserved a wrong edge. However, pretty sure everybody can tell that Mao has a wrong edge on her lutz because it's so easy to tell even without those slo-mo replays.
I think Mao Asada is not trying to fix her edge problem. Instead, she treats it like a triple flip. Even more so, since she has 3A(which is great), she's abusing this "wrong-edge" jump, because she knows that she would still have the highest BV even if she gets a wrong edge call. Triple flip IS one of her comfortable jumps, and it's like she's trying to bypass the Zayak rule by saying she's doing a triple lutz on a paper, but actually doing a triple flip.

What would be the solution to this? Have ! sign back and consider severe wrong edge jumps like Mao's Lutz as an actual jump of a correct edge jump? For example, if Mao lands a wrong edge Lutz, technical judge could consider that as triple flip, thus violating the Zayak rule, resulting in no credit for the jump? Automatic -3s from ALL the judges?

What else can ISU do to fix this?