Hi, I have 1 bundle(for all event) ticket for Skate Canada2013 - SectionJ Row3 (judge's side, it's on the corner)
and also 1 ticket for Trophee Eric Bonpard's saturday game (18:30pm). - Gardin O Rang 23 (it's on 2nd row from the front)

I bought them for months ago but now I became unable to go there to watch the game.
so please contact me If you're interested to buy them as it's pretty good seat
and so would be a waste If no one will be there.

I paid $163 for skate canada one but I'm willing to get $130
and I paid 71 euro for Trophee Eric Bonpard one I'm willing to get 55 Euro,
and both are including international transaction fee
(means I'll have less than $130 and 55 Euro) as I'm South Korean resident and I'm travelling at the moment.
international transaction's pretty simple than you think, I'm sure.

for the Skate Canada ticket, If you live in States or Canada then I can send the ticket to your address otherwise
I will organize to get you E-ticket and make sure you won't have problem to get actual ticket at Saint John.
for the Trophee Eric Bonpard ticket, I could send the e-ticket to you and I could talk to other lady to make sure let you in
as she's the one who actually bought this ticket at the first stage.
for the Trophee Eric Bonpard ticket, there might be other option for payment that you could pay her in cash, as long as she says yes.

I really hope I could've do this face to face but I'm travelling in Asia at the moment and apparently there's no other options.

I know this won't be sound very safe deal for you and I'm also not expecting much to resell this ticket but I still think it would be good
If any other figure skating fan could take my seat.. I could send you my passport copy (without critical info!)
or facebook account to earn some more trust If you want to.

please leave the comment If you're interested.. thanks !