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(They say Abe mainly choreographed those programs and he went to Russia to brush up the choreography after that. And you see some changes in choreography if you compare his performance in the shows before the competition began to those in competitions.) And I’ve read there were several choices in his mind when he decided to leave Sendai, but I haven’t read that he asked B&B but he was declined. I’m not distrusting you but perhaps there are some misunderstandings or misinterpretations between Russia and Japan
The old R&J program was not originally choreographed by Abe. B&B started to choreograph R&J in September 2010, before Hanyu skated it in any shows in 2011. Then R&J has undergone some editing in Russia in summer 2011 so that's why you see some changes in choreography between ice shows and later in competitions after the 2011-2012 season started. About the selection and final change of coach, that's tricky stuff that JSF would usually announce after the contract is signed. For example, you don't really see the Japanese media say JSF asked Plushenko to be Hanyu's coach but was declined, so that stayed a "rumor" until Plushy confirmed it himself. Well, you can treat Hanyu seeking B&B as a "rumor" because JSF would not announce this either. What I was trying to tell the thread opener and other fans is that what's done is done. Hanyu is now with Orser and Wilson. Let's not keep bringing back the old program. I think the new R&J is a nice program and just let Hanyu skate it well with more emotions next time and the judges as well as new audience will like the new R&J program.

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may be Hanyu will do like what Yuna has done and eventually go back to his child hood coach again once he became more more established, stronger and more experienced and do what he needs to do to become the very best.
I don't know when did you start to follow Hanyu, but Abe is not his childhood coach. His childhood coach is Tsuzuki sensei, but he's not going back to Tsuzuki either.