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Well, it wasn't like the top 3 were just there as place holders. Kim had 3x3 in both programs, Asada had 3A, executed 7/8 triples, Kostner had 3x3 in both programs.
Don't think anyone thought she should be on the podium. The problem people had was she talked big talk about big combos, and didn't deliver. If the better skaters had to bring it to big competition, who is she to think she can do 2 triples in the SP, and 6 triples in the LP and be anywhere near the podium.
That was my point though... the top 3 were scored such that the podium was practically a lock for them. Asada and Kostner even scored PBs in what clearly weren't the best performances of their career. Also, Asada executed 6/7 triples (5 cleanly if we give count the flutz).