For those with limited time or energy, could someone (s) just post the video links to all the top skaters who have put them out there either in a senior A or Senior B. I know we have a very long program thread with much commentary, prohibitive to seeing the new Oly programs. Also, it takes much time to slog through the comp. threads hunting for links.

Could we start with USA skaters? Seniors and any juniors who have good programs? Ladies, gents, Ice dance and then Pairs? And then all the other ones who are out there, esp Japanese, Canadian, European, Russian? Actually, just link to whatever you can find of this season. Emphasis on just accessing the videos as opposed to pages of commentary with one liners about a dress. I'd just like to see a thread where we can see the new programs as they hatch. I hope the purpose for this thread is clear. PROGRAMS IN THE FASTLANE!

If we have a choice, if there is an English language youtube video, could you link to that, or best quality, whatever. I think there are many who do not have the time either to go through all the threads where the videos are popping up. Thank you so much...I hope this is a popular idea. If you see a new program, just link to it, even if it isn't in the groupings above. I think that will be easier and we will have one spot to see the new programs that have been skated as they evolve. This does not take away from the individual competition folders, but how many can follow all those? this being an Olympic year I am excited to see anything, even the brand new work in progress skates.