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That said, they haven't bothered to acknowledge/realize that Alex has been saddled with injures over the last two years and that Maia has gone through a major spurt over the same period (it could be the growth spurt may have caused the injury). Hard to do a whole lot when you're not training at 100 percent. So them deciding to withdraw at SLC with a tweaked neck didn't surprise me in the least. After going through all those injuries over the years, I wouldn't blame them for wanting to take precaution.
That is an excellent point that applies to a lot of skaters. If you have nagging injuries that compromise your preparation, it could be a very wise choice to skip a minor beginning-of-the-season competition even if you are not flat in bed at the time of the event. Even Yuna Kim is playing it safe and taking care of her body in the early going. There will be time enough in February to throw caution to the winds and skate like there's no tomorrow, injured or not.