Besides levels, they don't have a one good lift this season. Remember their 2008 FD first lift, or goose, or carmen lift from last year. This season their first and second rotational lift looking same to me. Its a boring lift which they used nearly every dance from 2011 to 2014. I know it is easy for them because shoulder balance but why two of them in one dance I don't undertand. And first lift not going with the music at all.

2013 OD
2013 FD
2012 FD
2011 FD

Only found this for doing same position:
 a chosen example of Difficult Pose shall be considered for Level only the first time it occurs, whether it be in a Short Lift or in a part of Long
 examples b) (full “Biellmann) and c) (full doughnut/ring) shall be considered as the same example of Difficult Pose.,00.pdf