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Thread: Didier at Bompard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    Although the FFSG has been known to engage in various shenanigans with skaters' assignments, a GP assignment, once given, is meant to be final (barring medical problems and the like). It is not supposed to be taken away because another skater might have skated well in early season events. That's what TBD spots are for.
    Host spots are entirely at the discretion of the organising federation. There is no rule to prevent them from re-assigning those.

    And I would disagree with you on this issue in general, as well. Korobeynikova is a very good example. She showed up to a Russian Cup event in terrible shape (2toe/2toe and 3lutz landed forward on two feet in the SP), scored badly there and the Russian Federation decided to pull her from CoC, which was definitely the right decision.

    USFS please take note. The travesty that was C. Zhang competing at SA should have never been allowed to happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by obalamus View Post
    and Anaпs VENTARD did beat both.
    This girl really deserves more respect. The French Federation didn't even consider her for the TEB spots this and last season because she only has two triples but at least she is landing them with decent consistency. And as far as presentation goes, she's one of the most interesting skaters out there and an incredible performer as well.

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    Does Candice Didier is enter for TEB instead of Gilleron-Gorry ?

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