It occurred to me that while not everyone likes jenny and dave, we have as much collective knowledge and opinions as they do. Well, not me particularly, BUT MANY OF YOU!

I don't know if this is a viable thread, but anything could be discussed that might not require or merit its own thread. I wanted to mention the upcoming disson shows. I do not know what they are, but we know people sing live, as people skate. maybe we can influence next season, or late season in 2014 after Oly years. I just saw Jackie Evancho (self birthday treat-don't ask my age-sad!) who really needs stage craft lessons, but the voice at 13 is lovely. zShe was runner up to x-factor or America's got Talent at age 10. She was exceptionally talented with a mature voice and also a physically beautiful child. It was like watching an Angel. 3 CDs later she is not tearing up the charts as she is very much like Charlotte Church in an age of kids like Miley Cyrus (ugh).

I really would like to see her sing on a disson show if she has not already. I know she would have had MK fans crying as she sang "Reflections" from Mulan, and Phantom fans crying at how good she was. Lastly Christians crying at the Our Father. Every song was really perfect for a skater. I could see Sasha skating to several. Have you seen Jackie? I have 1 CD. I don't see a long career here due to her voice not being commercial, and she basically just stands and sings with an orchestra behind her, but she'd be perfect for a Disson Show. The blond beauty and stunning gowns. Who and what music do you want to see on the skating shows? And are you a Jackie Evancho fan? So this and that thread begins with who do you want to see singing on Disson? What music? and for what skater? Any other short term topics are good for GS version of 'This and That.