Although not generally campy skaters, you've got to give Yagudin's One banana program and DomShabs Aborigine OD a high camp rating.

For those not from US or the UK: (and those from the US & UK, note that "camp" is not quite the same word in the 2 countries.

camp: (UK, Cambridge Dictionary)
1› (of a man) behaving and dressing in a way that some people think is typical of a gay man: What's the name of that amazingly camp actor with the high voice and a funny walk?
2› using bright colours, loud sounds, unusual behaviour, etc. in a humorous way: Their shows are always incredibly camp and flamboyant.

US: online Dictionary
camp 2 (kmp)
1. An affectation or appreciation of manners and tastes commonly thought to be artificial, vulgar, or banal.

2. Banality, vulgarity, or artificiality when deliberately affected or when appreciated for its humor: "Camp is popularity plus vulgarity plus innocence" (Indra Jahalani).

Having deliberately artificial, vulgar, banal, or affectedly humorous qualities or style: played up the silliness of their roles for camp effect.
v.camped, camp·ing, camps
To act in a deliberately artificial, vulgar, or banal way.
To give a deliberately artificial, vulgar, or banal quality to: camped up their cowboy costumes with chaps, tin stars,
So Plushy's Sex bomb, broken large flower or baby sex bomb exhibitions could fit one of the other definition of camp. His competitive programs, not, IMO.