Assuming Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold will come first and second at nationals, though who will win may be at issue the big battle i suggest is the third and final spot for Oly glory. Who are the contenders? Well Mirai Nagasu if she skated her best one would think she would have the best shot - even winning nationals but she lately has struggled it appears a passion for the sort and under rotations. Christina Gao is dedicated taking time off from studies but rather ho hum. Caroline Zhang showed some promise twice now but has the mule kick and still skates a bit slow but a pretty skater. Agnes Zawadiak has a nice power about her. Alissa Czisny is a question mark. If it weren't her consistency with jumps it is now her injuries. her lack of triples at a recent competition does not give much confidence. Vanessa Lam is an outside shot and rather juniorish still. Rachel Flatt seems to be lacking good coaching and is busy with school. One wonders how wise is it to compete with two homemade programs and spreading herself thin one wonders does she have the consistency still and the jumps. There are more contenders too but what a dog fight.