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Thread: Favourite JGP performance(s)

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    Favourite JGP performance(s)

    What was/were your favourite performance(s) from this past JGP??
    I choose two programs:
    Alexandra Proklova's international debut literally made me I ADORE this program!!
    H/B Amelie: this FD is so beautiful and mature, I can't understand why their PCS marks are lower than Y/M for example... Anyway, I love this!

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    Karen Chen's SP at Kosice, so much speed and attack and of course that layback

    Maria Sotskova's LP at Czech Skate, I wish she'd focus more up and out but she feels the music and the transition throughout were amazing.

    Alaine Chartrand's SP at Misnk, I love the unique choreography and the dynamic presentation style.

    Angela Wang's SP at Czech Skate, that back spiral at the end sums up the simple beauty of the whole program and the power she has in her basics is superb.

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    I loved H&B's SD too, as well as their outstanding Amelie FD
    SD Quickstep: Happy Feet (who knew there was a bearable version of Happy Feet)!
    Foxtrot: It Had To Be You by Harry Connick
    Quickstep: Sing, Sing, Sing

    Great Quickstep feel in the pattern dance!! Wish some of the seniors understood how to do this!

    Yanovskaia & Mozgov were pretty good, too

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    I like Chartrand's attack in that SP but her posture really needs work.

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    I loved Proklova; she blew me away.

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    I know this is not a clean performance from Sakhnovich but her performance qualties are lovely.

    I really love this performance from Cherniavsaia/Souza Cordyeru a nice soft lyrical style. Their free is quite the opposite however.

    I also like the Spartacus Free Dance from Popova/Vlasenko

    Very impressed with Proklova.

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    Mcnamara Carpenter have my fave. fd of all juniors this season.

    Yu/Jin FS to phantom of the opera. Just beautiful.

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    And medvedevas free skate! Lovely!

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