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It took Irina Slutskaya years to get over her growth spurt and become a champion again. Ditto for Miki Ando. Caroline Zhang never got the magic back, and Mirai Nagasu tries and tries, but hasn't managed to get past her growth spurt.

Luckily for Gracie Gold, she hit her growth spurt before she became a household name.
Yeah, but my main point is that growth spurt isn't the same as confidence. Once people lose their confidence they can get it back but it's harder. Kwan etc didn't crash during puberty because they were no longer fearless (or at least strong willed competitors)- they crashed because they now had breasts.

Sasha Cohen is one who didn't really have a puberty issue, at least as a senior, but had problems with landing all her jumps throughout her career. To me puberty just is not the same as losing confidence because you're older. It is wrong to conflate the two and that was my real point (perhaps poorly said).