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    I've been working on my backspin for a pretty long time, since May, and I still can't get it on an outside edge! I've moved on to sit spin and camel spin and Im almost done with the single jumps but I can't do my backspin. Does anyone know how I can get it to the outside edge, and would it still be possible to do an Axel if you can't do a backspin?

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    You aren't providing good data here, but typically the issue is in the "snap" of the free leg getting into the proper position. An Axel CAN be landed without a solid backspin, but it just makes it harder and you can't do change combination spins without one.

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    Try doing RFI to RBO 3-turns into back pivots (it's what the pairs guys do in a death spiral) to get used to your weight on an outside edge. As mentioned you need to "snap" your arms (make sure to use your arms!) and pull in. Loop-loop jump combos help. Maybe try using a plastic spinner to get used to the motion.

    It's very important to get your back spin on an outside edge because it will affect your rotation and cause you to jump "outside your circle", making it hard to control your landing (for axels I always had an issue with landing on my inside edge and back spins sorted that out eventually).

    Worse case scenario you might need to check the position your blades... Is it easy for you to glide forward on an outside edge and backwards on an outside edge?

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