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LOL - I was referring more to the main SD thread, where a number of people were arguing that C/L could really compete for the silver, that they are the only real competition to Marlie, etc. I was like, Maybe I'm watching a different Youtube channel because I sure don't see it. LOL!
Ah yes, I didn't read through that thread yet. I don't see it either.

There just aren't any other teams - not only here but in general - capable of delivering the technical elements to the extremely high standard that Davis/White are showing (other than Virtue/Moir). And a clean, strong execution of your elements is going to result in very high PCS as well.

We haven't seen Pechalat/Bourzat and Bobrova/Soloviev yet but it seems pretty clear that there will be two battles in Sochi. One for the gold and another for the bronze.