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Thread: Ice Dance Question On Today's Edition Of "The Chase" (28th October 2013)

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    Ice Dance Question On Today's Edition Of "The Chase" (28th October 2013)

    I was watching “The Chase” at tea time (as I do every day!), and thought you would find this funny.

    Now, I don’t know if there is an American version of the show, but, just in case there isn’t, here is the format in a nutshell:

    There are 4 contestants. The first round is the Cash-builder, in which each player goes up and answers as many questions as they can in 1 minute. For each correct answer they get £1,000.

    Then each player has to do a Personal Chase. There is a table, which is divided into 7 steps. The money the player has earned in the Cash-builder is put on the 3rd step down. One out of 4 Chasers then arrives (Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, or Paul Sinha). The Chaser then gives them a lower offer, which is placed on the 4th step down, and a higher offer, which is placed on the 2nd step down. The player then has to choose which amount of money they want to go for.

    Once the amount is selected, the aim is to get the money to the bottom of the table. The Chaser’s aim is to catch the player. The presenter then starts asking multiple-choice questions, which the player and The Chaser both answer. Each person that gets it right goes down a step.

    If the player gets to the bottom, the money goes in the team kitty. If they get caught, they go home. These 2 rounds are then repeated for the remaining players.

    To win the money, the survivors of the team have to go through a Final Chase, in which they have to answer as many questions in 2 minutes. For each player that gets through, the team gets a one-step headstart. Each correct answer moves the team forward a step. A wrong answer has no effect. The players are not allowed to confer – they have to buzz in. The same process is repeated for The Chaser. Each correct answer moves The Chaser forward a step. If the Chaser gets a question wrong, it is passed over to the team, and if they get it correct, they push The Chaser back a step. If The Chaser catches them, the money is lost.

    The presenter of “The Chase” is Bradley Walsh, who is best known as a comedian, but is also an actor, presenter, and all-round entertainer. Like a lot of comedians, he is highly intelligent and has a very wide knowledge-base, but is very good at hiding it. Nevertheless, a lot of the time you can tell when he knows the answers to the questions he is asking.

    This question I am about to talk about was one of the occasions when you could tell that Bradley knew about the subject.

    In today’s game, the second player to play was a woman called Kim. She only got 3 questions right in the Cash-builder, which earned her £3,000. She was offered £300, and £18,000. She went for the lower offer of £300.

    Here is the transcript of her first question:

    Bradley Walsh Christopher Dean is the former husband of which ice dancing world champion?

    A. Isabelle Duchesnay
    B. Pasha Grishuk
    C. Meryl Davis
    Bradley You’ve put… Meryl Davis. Do you like ice dancing?
    Player (Kim) I’ve watched “Dancing On Ice”. I thought it was Torvill.
    [Mark Labett puts head in his hands in despair]
    Bradley Oh right, yeah.
    Player But it didn’t come up
    Bradley No, no. Yeah, but they were never married.
    Player I know they just danced together
    Bradley Yeah
    Player I just realised
    Bradley Yeah. I think Chris was married to an American lady.
    Player It’s not gonna be Meryl Davis. Is it?
    Bradley Oh, there are plenty of people in America called Meryl – Meryl Streep, for instance.
    Player Oh yeah, good point.
    Bradley You’ve put Meryl Davis. The correct answer is…
    [Isabelle Duchesnay lights up green]
    Player Oh, I was gonna go for that
    Bradley Were ya?
    Player Yeah
    Bradley Then why didn’t ya?
    Player Don’t know
    Bradley Oh no. Isabelle Duchesnay. Alright. Well, we’ve gotta stay where we are. The Chaser has put:
    [Isabelle Duchesnay lights up red]
    Bradley Goes right with Isabelle Duchesnay. Immediately comes onto the table.
    Chaser (Mark Labbett) She used to dance with her brother, I think that they competed for France in the Winter Olympics in the Ice Dance
    Bradley Thank you very much

    She went on to answer the next 3 questions wrong as well, while Mark got them all correct. Mark reckoned it was the first time (in 8 series!) that a player that took the lower offer was caught without moving off their starting point!

    Incidentally, the other 3 players got through to the Final Chase. They answered 20 questions correctly, but Mark caught them with 25 seconds to spare.

    So, according to the player, Meryl isn't American. Well sorry, love, but she's about as American as you can get!

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I found the thought of Chris being married to Meryl very funny. Like, she’s less than half his age!!! You can imagine the scandal that it would cause!

    And as for Pasha, I can’t really imagine her and Chris together either.

    There again, given how things ended up between Chris and Isabelle, he might have been better off marrying one of those other options…


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    Yipes, Chris and Pasha?!! They both are known for their tempers. The two of them would have ended up as mere shreds on their kitchen floor.

    That sounds like an interesting show, although I don't think that even many skate fans would be able to answer the question correctly, because it was so long ago. Recent fans, even ones who know a lot about earlier skaters' accomplishments on the ice, might not have learned details about Chris's admittedly fascinating private life. I bet there are tons of people in the U.K. and the U.S. who think that Chris and Jayne were married to each other.

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    Love it! I remember some announcer during an Olympics complaining about Lloyd Eisler: he's really sour grapes because he just can't compete with Torvill and Dean. Well, you got that right!

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