Sam has a huge 3f, I wonder if she'd have better luck trying a 3f-3t. Sure, the 3t would likely be <, but if she's worried about the judges not going for her if she doesn't do a 3-3, than a 3f-3t would at least be less risky than the 3lo-3lo she's trying which has a fair shot of being called 3lo<-3lo<< just where the callers are so damn strict these days and she has a reputation as an underotater.

Anyways, I really like Sam's skating, she's very dramatic and sassy, and regardless of the rotations, her jumps are really high which makes her exciting to watch, also she is very artistic and great at selling her programs. I hope she does well and stays healthy the rest of this season, would love to see her pull an upset and make the Olympic team, or at least make it onto a World team at least once in the next few seasons.