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Just to throw some numbers out there, if you (a singles skater) won both of your Grand Prix events, plus the Grand Prix final, plus Europeans or Four Continents, plus Worlds, you would net US$ 126,000 in prize money. Subtract 90,000 for expenses, and your annual salary was 36,000.
If you won all those competitions, then you just might get that year end World Ranking bonus. This skater would probably have benefitted from federation support. There's also potential prize money from WTT. And if you're that good, then there's income from shows. I'd guess that anyone who wins worlds would net way more than $36K that year.

I think it's probably worst for those who maybe show some promise as juniors, have the training expenses, but never succeed as a senior - the Marianne Dubuc, Audrey Thibault and Janina Louie's of the world (junior Canadian podium in 2000). Or skaters like Danielle Kahle or Keyla Ohs. They get the cruise shows and the Disney on Ice, but I see that more as a job than something that significantly offsets prior year's training expenses.