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While I do agree that the bank thing might not be the best metaphor - I love, love, love that Weir is searching for ways to communicate the scoring system. I love that he said things like, some would think a clean Ashley should have beaten (was it Mao?) with mistakes...yet tried to explain how this happens with this system. I think we can debate and criticize the system (and should), but while we are using this system, I appreciate commentators that try to explain it.

I also think he and Terry together did a little better - I love that Terry was throwing out skater stats and I love that they were both sort of catching viewers up on skater x from previous comps and so forth. It felt like sports talk to me - or the kind I like at least.

My only nitpick is the whole "artistry" reference - I wish they would just call it the second marks and also try to explain them; but they (the components) seem very different to me than the old second/artistry mark....or perhaps 3 of 5 of them do enough to warrant some discussion. But, I'm thrilled with this change and only wish for more (literally!!!)
Yeah, that was my nitpick with Johnny too... I think he could have explained the components better. But in due time, I hope!