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    Quote Originally Posted by skateforever View Post
    I'm curious, what is the general opinion of skaters who copy costumes/music/choreography? I saw one dance team on the JGP circuit copied quite a bit from various other teams, and I didn't know what to think of it.
    Mostly, it doesn't bother me, because there is very little in ice dance choreo, other than unique transitions, that's unique. Teams check off boxes like ordering from a Chinese menu - 1 from column A, 2 from column B, and so forth.

    There are two exceptions
    1. Lifts, especially change of position lifts. Because the positions do not have to be certified as "difficult" according to the rule book, these lifts can be very creative. However, few of them are. It would bother me a bit if the following lifts were copied, especially since they were particularly expressive of the programs of which they were a part, and they were so very memorable.
    V&M's Carmen lift where she flips into an intermediate position where's she's sitting on his shoulders
    V&M's goose lift
    D&W's first lift in Scheherazade where she enters from a shoot the duck and ends up going over his back
    D&W's lift where he is in a back arebesque and she is hanging off his leg by her knee in Samson & Delilah
    P&B's unique version of a shoulder stand lift
    Kriengkrairut&Guiletti-Schmitts guillotine lift
    K&G-S's lift where he's in a Shoot the Duck and he picks her up with his free leg. Doesn't look possible.

    2. Unique spins. There have been so few.
    D&W's spin in their Tango FD, where she is facing upward
    D&W's spin in Samson & Delilah, which had a swooping back entry

    What does bother me a bit is teams that use the exact same music cuts as other teams, since that is something they can easily avoid doing.

    Costumes are expensive. It is not unusual for junior teams to borrow costumes from senior teams to save the expense of new costumes. In fact in this season where the SD pattern dance is the paso doble, I wonder whether Jerrod Swallow's Paso jacket will come out of the moth balls again. At least four junior teams, including D&W, and I think also Chock & Zuerlein, borrowed that jacket So no, having the same costume doesn't bother me at all.
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