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Having already had an Olympic experience under arguably the far greater pressure of skating before a home country audience, should serve him well as he competes at the Olympics. What will be new for all of the athletes is what impact the Team event will have in terms of "energy expenditure" especially given the uncertainty that currently/unfortunately seems to be an issue with Kevin Reynolds at this point in the season.
We don't know how well Kevin is healing from his injury. But I have faith that his team will ensure he heals on time and get enough practice ready for Sochi. As for 'energy expenditure', the team event can always be considered a 'run through session' since skaters do run through their programs during practices and training. I think the pressure for team members should be considerably less since 'do or die' is not dependent on ONE skater.

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I've always wondered...is Patrick Chan training his technical elements by himself, since Kathy Johnson is a dance coach? He must have a technical team behind him right?
There is currently no technical coach on paper but I am sure with many highly experienced skater friends, there should be no shortage of counselling. Elvis Stojo, in a recent interview, indicated he gave Patrick some tips. I am sure Patrick will not hesitate to turn to Kurt Browning for advice having grown up with this great skater performer.
Patrick is lucky to have learnt so much from all those who have coached him. From Krall - quads, from Laws - consolidation of his skills and of course most of all, from the legendary Colson - his blade skills and many others. It was mentioned in an old interview that his first coach, Colson always encouraged him to learn from other coaches. He was not afraid to share his protege with others if he believed that was the best for his student.