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Thread: Ice Dance Tech Panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by machin View Post
    It's still painfull to me. 2005 Worlds, 2006 Olys...
    Frida was killed to put a medal around G/G's neck.
    I still remember Tarasova being quoted early september saying G/G had that medal locked. Good deal for everyone (Russian for gold, silver for USA and G/G on the third step) except D/L came with their best combination of programs ever... Too bad they couldn't in the end battle to kick out of the olys podium the worst team ever to step on it. Those Games were a tragedy for ice-dancing.
    I'll never get over this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    The key guy is the specialist, in this case Dostatni, who has been a very easy, but somewhat erratic marker sometimes. The Asst. Specialist is Galit Chait (whom you might remember from a huge hoohah involving petitions by skaters, protesting her bronze medal win with partner Sergei Sakhonovsky at Worlds 2002.

    Horen only votes if Chait & Dostatni disagree.
    Now I'm worried that the scoring is going to be a mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    They are perhaps all competent, but that doesn't mean they are all eagle-eyed, finding every fault, or that they are all easy-peasy either.

    Some will always be tougher than others.
    True, but that's why there are two tech specialists in each event. If both Chait and Dostatni are "easy" on tech in ice dance then this competition should have an abundance of Level 4's.

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    Yes, I wouldn't be surprised to see some very high TES values here.

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    The judging was ....ok.....yeah....just ok....
    I disagree with Alexandra and Mitchell's marks and Madison and Zachary's marks-- should've been higher.
    The Russians were way too high, Germans marks were right and to an great extent i agree with the top 2 canadians marks.

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