I guess I'm kind of in the middle here. I don't think either side's hands are clean in this (i.e. both are at fault - the fed for what seems to be not communicating rules and decisions clearly, and MelB for getting a little too carried away during her Twitter rants).

However, I'm taking a look at the comments to her posts and there seems to be a lot of agreement, with even fellow skaters chiming in and backing her up. This tells me that she could be onto something- exposing a side of skating that fans don't get to see, and that is the backdoor politics and BTS with what goes on in the federations behind closed doors.

So, while I will admit that she sort of did herself in here with her choice of words (and I get the feeling she doesn't care at this point), I do like that she didn't just sit there and take it (or nod, mm hmm, you know, PR stuff). She SAID SOMETHING.