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Thread: Ladies Long Program Skate Canada 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by artsciboy View Post
    I want Lacoste to skate "Amelie" clean a couple of times this season - it's arguably the best choreographed ladies LP this season. IMO, I don't know why Osmond gets better PCS than Lacoste other than the fact that the former is the anointed one.
    I agree, she is my favorite skater this season
    I really enjoy her FS, this is my favorite program of the Olympic season. She deserve better PCS with this FS and also for her SP who have much improve since her last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post
    What is Makarova doing btw?
    Sitting the season out, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan View Post
    Here are some moments that highlighted her weak skating skills

    Opening pose to where she braked, you see she was skidding. Edge is unstable. Weak ankles?
    The 3T after the 3Lz combo was muscled out. This is reminiscent of Caroline Zhang and recently Adelina. This kind of technique will not survive when she grows out just little more.
    same thing with the 3T and 2T after the 2A. She really digged her toe down to muscle through those rotation. Again, really bad technique that will not work for grown skater.
    first spin is travelling all over the place.
    step sequence is very slow, edge is shallow. doesn't have the ease and speed that someone like Mao or Caro have. her steps remind me of sasha. It was mostly on flat edge. again, poor skating skills. you can watch other girls' steps and see how easy and flowy theirs are compare to Julia's.

    the 2A is really bad. These 2As should get -GOE all the time.

    the last combo, she had to muscle through the 2T.

    Another moment where she tried to brake, and it was skidding and skidding.

    I think she will have a lot more trouble than Adelina. Her technique is really questionable, and her skating skills is a lot weaker. I said Adelina would not be able to make it 2 years ago based on her jumping technique, and this girl is heading down the same path. I see a lot of red flags in her skating, and the system is rewarding this kind of skate is outrageous.
    All very good points. But I wonder if she'll grow enough in 3 months to let these problems slow her down, if not, she'll just continue on and might even land herself on the Olympics podium. Timing is everything and obviously Liza and Adelina didn't have it.

    ITA the system shouldn't reward poor techniques prior to puberty, but it's easier said than done with the cheering audience largely unaware of the details and more excited by sticking the landing, especially comes Olympics with a home crowd.

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