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Thread: The screaming girl at Skate America

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    The screaming girl at Skate America

    Does I'm the only one who actually enjoy the «Screaming girl!» at Skate America

    Today, I watch my favorite performance on youtube from Skate America and I really enjoy the «Screaming girl!».
    It gives me the impression that she support every athlete at this competition and give them more cheer than the audience.

    I would like more people like her in the audience at the next competition, I have the impression that this type of «Cheer» give more energy to the athlete and they compete better

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    Cheering for skaters is good. A lot of skaters say that it helps them focus when they hear the
    audience cheering them on. This fan was screeching. It was annoying to a lot of folks in the arena
    and annoying to me and I was watching at home.

    Did we ever find out who she was?

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    I LOVED her. With such a small audience in attendance the skaters need extra support.

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    That qualifies as support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    That qualifies as support?
    In my opinion, no. I was at Skate America. The "screamer" was annoying and childish.

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    Do not like her I like cheering; but to me she was distracting.

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