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Carolina doesn't need any excuse at all!!!
Her technical content is no where as a top competitor, seriously triple toe/triple toe and triple loop, even the Junior girl make more difficult jump.
She has no excuse to not skate well, she was able in her early career to make triple flip/triple toe and triple lutz who seems to me the content that she needs for an Olympic season.

I'm tired to see Carolina skating cautiously with easy content.
And, her program begin to be less difficult each year after year because there is no transition before the jumps and the jumps are really telegraph.

She is overrated and doesn't deserve so HIGH PCS!!!
Murakami does a 3T-3T.
Is she a junior as well?
I want to see how all of the russian babies will skate at 26, after having meltdowns like Kostner did.
Not to mention that Kostner was a great technical skater as a wonder baby-just watch her performance at the 2003 Europeans.