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Thread: NRW Trophy Single & Pair Skating Dortmund, Germany / 4th of December - 8th of December

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    Group 2

    Quite a crash festival during the warm up, will it carry over to the SP?

    Daniel Sapozhnikov 28.97

    The red head from Germany had a lovely combination, unfortunately the programm components seemed to be lacking a bit. But he is stll young, so this will come.

    Luc Maierhofer 23.66

    I liked that he tried to imitate the music at some parts of his program. Unfortunately were the jumps either two footed or a fall

    Roman Demyanov 29.84

    Well, I am not sure if strip music is the right thing for such a young boy. I felt this didnt work out that well unfortunately. He also slipped through one of the Piourettes. Pity

    Jegor Esslinger 24.66

    His jumps were well spread throughout the programm.

    Olgierd Febbi

    A little joke by the announcer, thats all I can report as this Skater didnt start.

    Group 3

    Julian Donica 30.44

    Last of the three Musketeers from France. He started well with a nice combination, but the other jumps were all opened up.

    Robert Kunkel 25.36

    Severin Reich 37.55

    He put up a great fight to Carmen. His jumps were everywhere, but he still managed to land them including a triple toe and triple Salchow - double toe. For our costume police he probably revealed too much though

    Louis Weissert 27.63

    He put all his jumps quite early in the programm, which is a pity I think. His outfit reminded me of Plushenko, silver & black. Very flexible skater.

    Kurt Grohmann 24.91

    I felt he was quite a funny guy with all his posing throughout the routine. He didnt seem to be that happy afterwards which is understandable, there was more possible with a cleaner programm.

    End result for Advanced Novice Boys

    1 Severin REICH GER 37.55
    2 Arthur RIBES FRA 35.78
    3 Luc ECONOMIDES FRA 33.54
    4 Kai JAGODA GER 30.61
    5 Julian DONICA FRA 30.44

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    Alex, did Brona NIC GABHANN IRL compete? She's the second skater, after Clara Peters, to represent Ireland and she took part in ISU Development Trophy in Cieszyn, Poland this year and I am wondering how her development is coming along.
    Yes she did.

    Her 2F + 2T was sadly downgraded due under rotation, she also performaned a single Axel and a double Salchov. She scored a total of 16.34. She is ranked 37.

    I am very sorry if I forgot her, wasnt my intention!

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    Junior men

    Group 1

    Catalin Dimitrescu


    Thomas Stoll 41.75

    Genki Suzuki 46.11

    Some of his jumps were a bit shaky, he didnt fall though!

    Niko Ulanovsky 51.25

    He seemed to be very pleased with his performance, was a solid skate in my opinion, just the triple Lutz - triple Toe and the double Axel were a bit shaky.

    Dmitry Mikhaylov 59.23

    Those russians really know their steps, absolutely loved his step sequence and the whole choreographie. Very touching and emotional. He was quite low at the transitions though, but thats something he has in common with many of the other skates that evening. His double Axel was performed nicely too! He performed the triple Salchow, triple Toe combination, which is worth slightly less than the triple Lutz - triple Toe.

    Daniil Beradiner 59.52

    Nice start with the triple Lz and triple Toe, got to say I liked his double Axel, he also included a triple Loop. For the europeans, thats the Rittberger! Got to say I prefer Rittberger for some reason :D

    Group 2

    Anton Kempf 45.35

    I really enjoyed how he tried to play with the Pink Panther music. Evading bullets, pointing the gun - all inclusive. While the performance was entertaining, the jumps were a bit tricky at times.

    Trevor Bergqvist 34.57

    Well jumps are not his strength unfortunately. Compared to the Russians earlier this was really a lot less spectacular so to speak. Still a good programm.

    Sondre Oddvoll Boe 49.14

    He had a nice height on the first jump of the combo, sadly the second triple toe didnt make the full revolutions. I really liked his Piourettes.

    Jannis Bronisefski 42.52

    I felt he was very confident on the ice, great attitude! A little fist bump at the end as well.

    Jan Kurnik 54.00

    The czech put a solid performance on the ice, I didnt see any major mistakes - nice interpretation too. Great step sequence at the end as well, he didnt perform a triple - triple combination though.

    Penagiotis Polizoakis 51.02

    He had a very intersting second half of his programm, I am not entirely sure what type of figure he tried to be, but it looked funny. Very well performed double Axel at the end, should give him some good scores, shame about the triple Rittberger and the sitting spin though.

    Group 3

    Arturas Ganzela 40.02

    Shaky Axel for him, still an enjoyable programm.

    Mchel Tsiba 35.55

    He must have been somewhere else with his mind. He fell at the triple Loop, that can happen - but afterwards he really made a few silly mistakes. For instance during the foot change at the camel spin. Maybe he was just out of steam, was a pity as it was a good programm in my opinion.

    Roman Savosin 57.80

    He had such sad music, oh god! Such a tiny skater and then so sad music why!?. I have to say that he performed that moody skate really well. He opened up with a triple Luz - triple Toe and distributed the elements nicely. Its a pity that the Axel was just a single at the end, but a nice triple loop before that. I am very curious what he has to offer in the LP.

    Marco Asam 46.22

    He opened up with a triple / double Toe combination, double Axel and triple Loop were good as well. But I have to tell you Marco is a giant! He is really huge!

    Tim Huber 38.56

    I loved the music of the programm, the changes from light to dark - I felt he performed those parts well. At the end he had a slight wobble at the last pose, I guess he was a bit out of steam.

    Alexander Betke 46.97

    Last skater for tonight Alexander from Germany. Nice opening with triple Lutz - triple Toe, I liked his spins!

    Small russian domination after the SP

    1 Daniil BERNADINER RUS 59.52
    2 Dmitriy MIKHAYLOV RUS 59.23
    3 Roman SAVOSIN RUS 57.80
    4 Jan KURNIK CZE 54.00
    5 Niko ULANOVSKY GER 51.25

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    Day 1, as it happened.

    The day kicked off with our youngest competitors, the Basic Novice A girls.

    When I arrived at the Ice Hall, I was quite positively suprised by the amount of spectators. Many kids, but also adults - and not everyone was a mom or dad of a skater! I was the only journalist though, but I am so used to this by now
    I always like to watch the very young perform, because you can find some amazing talents like that, and those little ice princesses are just very cute in my opinion.

    Gabija Ganatauskaite
    while not having the toughest jumps, definately was the most "grown up" this morning. I have a thing for skaters from Lituania, they always remind me of the finnish skating culture. They float over the ice, you can hardly notice that they have a sharp blade under their feet! Gabija showed us a very elegant performance, including a single Axel - double Loop combination, which is quite a big jump for those young girls, even though its not as high rated as the double - double that were also performed this morning.

    One of those double combinations came from the local hero Jule Groenert who came second! She was also very pleasant to watch. She jumped the double Toe - double Toe combination very smooth and clean, struggled just a little bit with her double Flip - double Toe which was taken off from the wrong edge. What I so loved about her was her personality on the ice. She just performed for the people, her attitude did shine through during the whole LP. She wasnt just "dancing" to the music, no she was one with the music.

    Last but not least, Xenia Rymarev. What I liked about her was her great flexibility, she was almost like one of those "super russian teens" that can bend their legs like cats bend their tails. Ya probably not the best alitteration, but you get the point right? Xenia performed the toughest jump in the bracket with a double Lutz - double Loop combination.

    Basic Novie A Boys

    It looks like we have a slight issue with our future men! I mean, there were only 4 of them! In general, there are less boys then girls in every competiton here at Dortmund. However, lets talk about those four who were here.

    While they were clearly outnumbered, they still rocked the ice. Based on the crowd Jimmy Atila was the favorite, based by the judges it was Titus Spangemacher who scored 30.01 points and won the competition. Titus performed a single Axel - double Toe while Jimmy had two double - double combination, sadly the first double Lutz . double toe was underrotated, but the second double flip - double toe was performed nicely. It was only a small margain by not even 0.4 points between those two skaters!

    Third came the Czech Samuel Tran with 26.44, while running out of music he didnt run out of steam and was granted with a well deserved third place. Last but not least Lukas Gneiding who received 23.67 points.

    Advanced Novice girls

    Shortly after noon, we started with a full house of young ladies. There were over 40 registered in my press hand out, I can tell you though - that we didnt get exactly 40 but 38 competitors and really lovely ones!

    Currently leading is Annika Hocke and she is definately one of those girls, that will be stuck in my head for a while. We in Germany call those types of girls "Zecke" - which means very naughty and a little bit crazy but in a positive way of course! She performed a very nice double Axel and triple Toe - double Toe combination, but also her outfit was really "sexy" and fit perfectly to her attitude. Some of our forum police will probably hate me for those words, but hey it was what it was right?
    In the end she just had great fun on the ice and I think thats all what matters. I am definately looking forward to her LP.

    Second and also from Germany is Kalina Lewicka. Just like Annika her programm was really entertaining and fun to watch. She was constantly trying to start something with the crowd or the judges, always moving her arms, hands and legs. She was like never standing still and I so had to laugh when she was "flirting" with the door that covers the ice maschine. As said earlier, this part of her choreographie might need some minor adjustments, as doors sadly dont give any points - yet! Kalina also performed a triple Toe - double Toe combination and a very nice double Axel with great speed.

    Also great speed and height in her jumps had Julie Froetscher from France who came third. She didnt go with the flow and also performed a triple Toe - double Toe, no she went for the triple Loop - double Toe combination, unfortunately was the Loop downgraded by the panel. I really enjoyed the variation in her programm, you had more laid back parts but also quite some energetic moments. Even though I am a total addict to that "cheesy and melodramatic" music like of Romeo & Juliet, I dont mind those changes in a programm and skaters who can show some flexibility in their programms, are definately lovely.

    I also want to mention Karen Naomi Krähe. She performed very much in sync with the music, it was a total joy to watch her skate - I definately want to see more of her in future, likewise Leona Hendricks who put a very mature performance on the ice and last but not least Greta Mager with her Flammengo!. In general, we saw many great skaters and I would love to mention many more of them, because they really deserve it!

    Advanced Novice Boys

    Severin Reich
    was performing as a male Carmen so to speak and is currently leading. Compared to what Thomas Verner did at Oberstdorf a few weeks ago, it was let me say "different". But nontheless, a great performance and I am quite sure he gets all the Ladies

    Arthur from France and not from England is currently trailing behind by a bit less than two points. He performed a triple Sal - double Toe and is a very mature and strong skater. I definately enjoyed his programm, lots of power there and he could probably also lift the sword if you ask me!

    On third is Luc Economides, also from France had a wonderful interpretation in his skate. I really enjoyed that, typicall french.

    Junior Men

    Final skate was on the shoulders or should I say blades of the Junior Men. While the russians seem to struggle a bit with finding out who should go the Olympics, Plushenko, Kovtun etc. they have pretty much dominated the Junior Men competition.

    Currently Leading with 59.52 is Daniil Bernadiner. He showed us a nice triple Lutz - triple Toe combination and a clean double Axel. I wonder where his name comes from, because I know Bernadiner as a dog.... Anyways, on two only 0.29 points behind is Dimitry Mikhaylov. I got to admit, he was my favorite today at the men. I absolutely loved his step sequence and the whole choreographie. He performed a nice double Axel and a triple Sal - triple Toe combination.

    Currently on third is another russian, Roman Savosin. As said earlier, this guy had so sad music and then the way how he performed it, damn! And he is still so young, thats what I call talent. If the Axel would had been a double, he would had taken the lead and absolutely deserved it. I am very curious what he will have to offer tomorrow in the LP. He is my favorite for tomorrow

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    Thank you so much again for all of your posts! It makes me almost cry a little to see somebody so passionate about skating.

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    There we go, day number two!

    Group one

    Jegor Eßlinger 46.35 - 71.01

    First skater this morning was Jegor Eßlinger from Germany, he had a solid skate with double flip, followed by a double Loop - double Toe.

    Robert Kunkel 70.24

    He sadly fall on the double Flip, but had a good recovery afterwards and could finish the program solidly.

    Kurt Grohmann 66.69

    As I said yesterday, quite a funny guy. He performed to Mario and was dressed appropiately. What I liked were his emotes, those were nicely choreographied with the sound effect of his music. Just like Mario he ate a mushroom and grew, but he also added little "Mario Jumps" in his programm.

    Luc Maierhofer 55.43 - 77.04

    Oh boy what happened to him? He had a cut at the right side of his face, maybe a little accident in the practice? Whatever had happened it didnt seem to influence him that much, as he performed some clean jumps without any fear. The triple Toe - double Toe was nicely done, but unfortunately the triple Sal got downgraded. He performed to a wild west theme.

    Group two:

    Louis Weissert 67.02

    He dressed in black and skated to Mission Impossible and his programm was a bit an up and down to be honest. It was very unfortunate that he fell during a Pirouette and was finished with the programm before the actual music was. He seemed to be a bit in a hurry, rushing from element to element.

    Roman 55.37 - 85.32

    Quite a gutsy performance by the young Russian. His opening pose was interesting or should I say "deadly" for me? He actually pointed a gun at me!

    The triple Toe - double Toe was good, but already the triple Sal - double toe was sloppy and then it all went kind of downhill to be honest. While he only had one fall, the execution was really .... and he even made a second double Axel - lets just say it wasnt his day.

    Denis 51.03 - 80.04

    What I liked about him was the way how his step sequence was choreographed. His spins fit well to the layered musical parts. The begin of his routine was a bit shaky with the double Axel and Lutz, but he got more stable later and managed to land his double Loop and double Toe Combo fine.

    Daniel 45.64 - 74.61

    The german red head, had some trouble with the double Axel and triple Toe, but the two Loops later went fine.

    Group Three

    Kai Jagoda 51.33 - 81.94

    Nice opening for his step sequence, I liked those moves! Sadly he fell during both jump combinations.
    The Sal was also shacky. To be honest I think it was quite some heavy music for such a tiny skater - not that easy to skate to.

    Arthur 49.86 - 85.64

    While he was having a fantastic performance yesterday, today it all started a little bit on the wrong edge. He had major issues to stay on his feet during the first four jumps and you saw a tiny bit of resegnation on his face. You need to gve him credit for his fighting spirit, as he didnt gave up and had a good recovery with a nice triple Loop.

    Luc 72.69 - 106.23

    Again in traditional clothes, Luc spread his jumps very well including a triple Toe - double Toe, triple Lutz and Rittberger. He really used the music to his advantage, nice choreographie, really nicely done. It was quite funny that one of his skating boots was broke, so he had to slide on one feet to the victory ceremony

    Severin 69.44 - 106.99

    Really a nice programm. It was split into three parts, it began quite fast and stopped a bit in the slower middle part until it got faster again at the end. Severin performed a triple Sal - double Toe nicely and a triple flip. It was great to see how his expression changed as well, depending on the presented mood in the music.

    Julian 69.56 - 100

    He really showed us some great jumps including a nice triple Sal - double Axel - so fast in the air - really nice! What I also liked was the entrance to his step sequence, damn that was really fast and a great transition as well. Another positive aspect was his costume, he did skate to Gladiator but didnt dress in a traditional Gladiator outfit but in black with just the "Gladiator skirt" imitated.

    Final result Advanced Novice Boys:

    1 Severin REICH GER 106.99
    2 Luc ECONOMIDES FRA 106.23
    3 Julian DONICA FRA 100.00
    4 Arthur RIBES FRA 85.64
    5 Roman DEMYANOV RUS 85.21

    Slight Delay today, but its a very busy day - sorry about that and I am glad you like it.

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    I am sorry if this was mentioned before but there is a live stream of all events:

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    Quote Originally Posted by vexlak View Post
    I am sorry if this was mentioned before but there is a live stream of all events:
    No need to be sorry

    The official website also has pictures and videos of the skaters, the guys at NRW always put a lot of work into their Competition and it still is such a family atmosphere, really love that!

    Currently watching the Junior girls, some really nice performances here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex D View Post
    No need to be sorry

    The official website also has pictures and videos of the skaters, the guys at NRW always put a lot of work into their Competition and it still is such a family atmosphere, really love that!

    Currently watching the Junior girls, some really nice performances here!
    Thank you for all the info Alex D. I love your reports! Any info on scores for the juniors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleada View Post
    Thank you for all the info Alex D. I love your reports! Any info on scores for the juniors?
    Currently typing those down. Should be online in about an hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleada View Post
    Any info on scores for the juniors?

    and Junior Ladies SP scores:

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    Advanced Novice Girls

    Group one

    Gemma Pohl 56,11

    I liked how she kept looking into the crowd, the jumps while not very high, were in most cases clean and fully rotated, slight issues at the single Axel - double Toe and her final Rittberger. She dressed in pink, very girly.

    Lara Luft 41.71 - 62.15

    I think that never before the name of a Skater fit that beautiful to her personality. Luft as we learned yesterday means "air" and this young lady is absolutely not noticable on the ice. She is quite small and it looks really cute when she skates, like a little snowflake in the wind. Yesterday this young skater was almost not noticable on the ice and again, she was just floating over the ice and the performance today was a lot more stable than yesterday as well, she only fell at her double Lutz and also performed a double Lutz - double Rittberger! All in one a very nice performance that put a smile on my face!

    Nice programm - the crowd was completely silent during her routine, you could hear a needle drop!

    Lara Valenti 33.25 - 51.91

    She definately timed the last double Rittberger wonderful with the music and gave us all a big smile on her face, when she put it on the ice. A very elegant skate of her, quite the opposite to Lara before, but dont get me wrong here - as different they were, as enjoyable they were both as well!

    Brona Gabhann 22.87 - 39.21

    A very tiny skater as well, dressed like a lady from the 50-60s. She doesnt seem to be the biggest jumper, as she had almost no take off through her jumps which of course was heavily penalized by the judges with loads of - 3 marks.
    Brona seemed to be quite shy and in her own world on the ice today, but hey she is still so young! There are grown up men who couldnt even do it once, what these young girls do every day for so many years! Her performance was cute in a very specific way, but judges sadly only see the bad things of these type of performances - while I always try to see the good, thats why I would make a horrible judge and mostly why the ISU didnt even reply to my application email yet .. (just kidding)

    Her double Sal at the end was her best jump today but also the combination spin with changing feet was nicely done.

    Rosa Ballatine 29.38 - 55.47

    She did some wonderfull pirouettes at the end, sadly she also fell at the Flying sit spin in the middle of her programm. Not the fastest skater, but I still enjoyed her performance which she started with a single Axel and finished with a double Toe.

    Group 2

    Tatsiana Chornaya 39.95 - 61.72

    She is quite a shy person, really in her own world on the ice. Its a pity, she could smile a bit more to be honest! What I liked was the start of her programm, very soft movments with her upper body. While she didnt do the most difficult jumps, as example double Flip / double Lutz in combination with a double Toe - she did them cleanly, just with a slight wobble at the Lutz combination. The Camel Spin at the end was also nicely performed as well.

    Christina Fitz 34.19 - 55.78

    She was really enjoyable today! Her music fit very well to her personality on the ice, very calm and soft, also the red dress and some red colours in the hair looked really lovely.
    Unfortunately did she run a bit out of steam in the end and made a few silly mistakes, like at her combination spin and the double Sal that she landed with her butt, quite funny was that this fit just perfect to the music at this point.

    Paulina Ramanauskaite 38.14 - 59.76

    She was the first young lady that gave us 4 at the upper end a bow! Its quite funny, some skaters just ignore you, while others even bow if nobody sits there at all :D Maybe thats why the organisation comittee put that big plant in the middle? Anyways, lets not go to far off topic here its just the price someone must pay if he sits in Nomansland I guess...

    As for Pauline´s performance today. Well, she was a litte Keira Knightley today - If you dont know who that is, well... watch Pirates of the Carrabean. Pauline most likely also watched the movie and most likely enjoyed it a lot, as she was performing to music from the movie today as well.
    She started her programm with a very nice double Rittberger (Loop) unfortunately missed the double Axel.

    Paulina seemed a bit unhappy at the end of her performance or was it just the relief? I think she did really nice and as I said earlier before, those Llituanian girls have nice Skating Skills and steps in their programms and as you know, these matter even more than jumps for me. Imagine, figure skating without jumps! What others would hate, I wouldnt mind and maybe some of todays skaters agree´s with me there.

    Laura Sabaliuskaite 39.12 - 61.09

    I said it yesterday already I really like this skater, she has a nice attitude on the ice - its a joy to watch her. You kind of forget time if you watch her and you also dont care about Flip and Axel that didnt work today. No! And even though her music runs out in the end, it didnt matter - she could had kept going like that forever and I could have kept watching forever until one of us would starve to death I suppose

    She performed some lovely spins right infront of me but also a wonderful Pielman! You can say that she is definately a bit further than most of the others before her. Further in the way how she sells her programm, like a Lady! I think Inga will have some competition in future - did I mention yet I like skaters from Lituania?

    I think, no I am sure we will hear from that young Lady in the future!

    Katharina 41.68 - 61

    You could take her for a Austrian after all she skated like one and I dont mean this disrespectufully. No! She made a few sloppy errors, like her double Axel at the start but also during the double Lutz - Single Toe combination. Nonetheless did I like the speed of her at some points in the programm, also her double Flip was executed nicely and the triple which she most likely already does in the practice, should find its way soon into the choreographie.

    Group three

    Celine Leonie Weiss 40.33 - 62.53

    I love how she always smiles, that is so great and she made my day yesterday with it! She performaned a nice Pielman and I really liked her combination spin in the middle of the programm, nice work with the arms there! She also had quite some difficult combos in her programm, with the double Lutz - double Rittberger. In general I think she really likes that Rittberger jump as she performed it a few times today either solo or in combination.
    Pity that she made a few smaller mistakes - still a very happy and enjoyable performance and I really like this young lady and her personality on the ice! Keep it up!

    Nadine Seidl 45.66 - 68.26

    What a wonderful dress! Absolutely loved it. It was in the style of the Phantom of the Opera, black white, with some masks on it. Looked absolutely gorgoes! Her spins were really fast and her timing for the Pielman was great. The highlight so to speak just when the music reached its climax. Nicely done! She also attempted a double Lutz - double Rittberger, sadly not clean and slightly under rotated.

    Sarah Papa 37.45 - 60.08

    I liked that she kept a male element in her program. Yesterday she was wearing pants and today she had a tie. Her step sequence was quite funky, I am sure she got quite some temperament also off the ice. Shy is something she must look up in the dictionary I believe. Sadly she also fell on her double flip.

    Lucia Settels 44.93 - 67.23

    She had a great variety in her program, I liked that. My favorite part was definately the middle part with her double Rittberger - double Toe. Really a joy to watch what she did with her arms during those steps, going nicely with the flow of the music. Nice job there Lucia!

    Naomi Verdeyen 43.17 - 65.62

    She has a great jacket with her name written on it; like some type of VIP that does movies! I mean others like Naomi Campbell have this too ... but I would take the Belgium Naomi over the "I hit you in the face if I dont like it Naomi" at all times!

    During the skate she of course dropped the jacket and as a real movie star she of course had some bling bling under it. Naomi dressed in pink today and as I said before, her personality is absolutely awesome on the ice! She seems to be a very open minded type of person who skates for the crowd mostly, trying to entertain them and we all know that some crowds are more difficult to entertain than others, especially if your name isnt on the top 5 of the GP season.

    She had a silly fall at the beginn of her program during a transition element and the double Lutz didnt look that amazing either, but seriously who cares! The performance itself was really fast with great speed during the spins - I really enjoyed her skate and while I also like those "shy" skaters sometimes, those that get you involved in their programms are definately among my favorites on the ice as well, at least if its their true nature and not a choreographed "mask".

    Group 4

    Regina Riva 47.99 - 71.15

    She was a total joy to watch, so was her coach! He kept jumping and spinning and god knows what else, just like she did! He was totally into her performance - great! She also put her arms in the air for some extra points during some of the jumps and she opened up with a double Axel - double Toe! Big element for those young girls.

    What made me very happy was that the jumps that she practiced so hard today, finally worked out in the competition. She really deserved that!

    Karen Naomi Krähe 42.36 - 65.48

    She was one of my favorites the other day and again she did delivered. Well at least if we just ignore the part where three of her jumps including the double Lutz just didnt really work that well, but hey... she managed to stay on her feet which shows the fighting spirit in her so lets give her some credit for that as well!

    All together it was a very pleasant skate of Naomie. I really enjoyed what she was doing with her hands during the whole time, she put them together like a prayer and those simple things that you as a skater might find silly at first, make at least for me the difference. Its all about Choreographie and since I know a little bit about dancing and choreos there, I always look out for such things.

    Greta Mager 51.14 - 75.63

    She had a lovely Choreographie, well timed elements and she was so fast! Lovely pink - black dress as well. Nice musical change too - very enjoyable skate for me and for our jumping fans here, she put a lovely double Lutz, double Flip - double Toe on the ice as well.

    Jessica Mccrum 44. 46 - 69.37

    A brit at Austria, really a lovely performance. She enjoyed herself a lot as well, always sending a smile to the audience. Got to say though she really looks very british, her expression in the face, like directly from Buckingham Palace. Ya guys my time at Sheffield left its spurs...
    Anyways, she performed a very clean program with no major mistakes, especially the spins were nice - I really enjoyed it! Long wait for her score though! They might better re-name the kiss & cry into "kiss or cry while you wait".

    Talking about crying, so far no crying girls! Ya, I just cant those tears of Isa out of my head at Nebelhorn, damn... but a wise girl once told me, "we are girls and we have every right to cry whenever we want"

    Amber Britz 35.50 - 58.

    The South African really had to fight hard today. Not an easy task for sure, but she bravely fought her way back after struggling with the double Axel who was sadly downgraded. She was wandering a little bit with her spins at times, still - it was a nice programm!

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    Group 5

    Molly Mitchell-Knight 41.18 - 67. 50

    That was a very entertaining performance. She dressed in white and I just love how she does that one Pirouette at the end where she puts the skating boot right to her head. It looks scary and beauiful at the same time.

    Loena Hendrickx 49.00 - 76.03

    Loena was wearing a red & black dress in carmen style, one of those cases for our forum police due its revealing character I guess.
    She spins her Pirouettes really fast, especially the Pielman. Lovely quality at the foot changes as well!

    She sadly didnt perform all her jumps that well, she opened with a nasty "double fault" so to speak when her Axel wasnt landed and the triple Sal didnt make the full three revolutions either. Later she showed what talent she has with a clean double Rittberger and a double Flip - double Toe combination. The errors were a shame, but I am sure she will go her way - talent is there.

    Jennifer Fischer 38.00 - 62.74


    Thats what she said, not me!

    I enjoyed her opening into the step sequence a lot, unfortunately did she have a few missed jumps like her double Axel and the double Toe - double Toe combination and her comment to that was simply put sh-it

    Besides the mistakes it really was a nice programm and I enjoyed it. She is an elegant skater, very mature and as proven with the double Rittberger - double Rittberger combo - a good jumper as well.

    Milena Gerner 46.52 - 71.46

    She didnt seem to be that happy, but I think even with the mistakes, it still was a nice performance. She attempted a double Lutz - double Rittberger combination, which she could land with a few problems, sadly the Axel was just a single. Her spins were really fast, nice Pirouettes as well!

    Marina Kalicanin 42.87 - 68.65

    The girl with the great name Kalicanin!

    The golden girl of Dortmund, I really like this one, though I have to admit that I am not 100% sure about the choice of music. It might be a bit too heavy for her, she is more a quiet person so I think having some quieter music, that would support her "floating figure", might suit her better.

    She still performed a nice programm, especially the foot changing spins, looked very good! Marina is one of the youngest here, so expecting major jumps would be wrong I think. I find it quite amazing to be honest, that she can actually skate at this level and I am sure she will go her way and then the bigger jumps will come sooner or later and if not, who cares! Well I am sure she and her coaches would, but as I said it earlier - jumps are not everything, we had champions without a triple - triple etc.

    Anna Wehrheim 48.68

    If you look at such a competition then there are moments of absolute silence while some skaters perform and I think thats a real pity. Imagine you skate and give your best, but get no feedback, that suxx! She was such a case, no emotions in the crowd even though she performed a nice double Lutz - double Rittberger.

    As for her programm, I actually enjoyed it and I think she should try to enjoy her skates more as well - might help with crowds at times. Smile at them and they will smile back

    Group 6

    Celine Göbel 48.62 - 76.28

    She opened with a double Lutz - double Toe, HUGE jump - great element! Nothing wrong with her skate, it was nice to watch.

    Alisa Stomakhina 59.06 - 88.24

    This young Lady made a huge jump! Not only because of her triple Lutz and triple Toe - double Toe combination. No! She was 8th after the SP and managed to climb onto the Podium with an amazing free skate, the second best today! She has a very fast rotation in the air and gains a lot of height with her jumps. She is more a shy skater, but still very cute in her appearance on the ice. Well done!

    Kyarha van Tiel 52.91 - 80.87

    Sadly she fell on her triple Rittberger, but I really enjoyed her programm it was nice to watch.

    Oona Ounasvouri 48.30 - 77.55

    Lets see what the new finnish Armada has to offer, she is coming along in a black top with white skirt.

    Aw that was a real pity, all those mistakes. Thats a common issue lately with the finish skaters, they just cant stand their Loops, Toe´s and Lutzes anymore. Such a pity! As a Fin she of course had great skating skills and a nice interpretation as well and you must give her credit for actually trying a triple Lutz which is a really tough element, the toughest after the triple Axel. Brave young Lady she is and I am sure we will see her in the future and I hope, she doesnt just disappear like Alisa did.

    Emma Ignatius 52.83 - 81.76

    I liked how she kept her smile throughout the program thats nice, something quite a few finnish girls dont even have at the start of their programm and no thats not critic, I love finnish skaters and will always do.
    Especially her last spins were a joy to watch, hopefully she can land those jumps a bit cleaner next time.

    Madeleine Lidholm Torgersen 46.84 - 74.29

    She was performing like a Ballerina in her pink dress. Her movements are very mature and she never lost her smile! Toe in combination with the double Rittberger shortly before the end was her best jump element. Heya Norge!

    Group 7

    Julie Froetscher 49.89 - 80.70

    Well, this was a big up and down today. She started right with an error at her triple Toe, but came back with a great smile after the triple Toe - double Toe. I absolutely loved her dress by the way, great neon colours. Also nice was the step sequence right at the end, to the irish music.

    Kalina Lewicka 59.42 - 92.79

    Fist bump at the end, very nice performance, also loved her dress. Her jumps today were mostly very clean including a triple Toe - double Toe and a double Axel - double Toe. Loads of power in the programm as well, quite the opposite then at the victory ceremony. She looked like a shy kitten, but I think she was just freezing to death at this point and if we journalists then all want to take a picture, then this can definately get on your nerves I am sure!

    Lena Kreitmeier 53.40 - 83.88

    Quite a contrary programm. First we got a more naughty type of style and afterwards a much more softer one. I got to say I enjoyed the second a bit more, the first had a few minor mistakes like in the double Axel, still great performance for such a young lady.

    Annika Hocke 56.02 - 91.43

    Wow that was a totally different girl today. My absolute favorite one from yesterday must have sent her twin today!

    While naughty yesterday, she was totally someone else now. But not in a bad way, her attitude also worked nicely with that type of choreographie and it showed how versatile she can be. In general it was a lot more laid back and calm, but with a little naughty moment here and there - and that makes her such a lovely person on the ice. Needless to say that she never stopped smiling for even one second, also not at the Podium or when she fell at the triple Sal! Great girl, I will definately keep an eye on her and her development.

    Charlotte Vandersaaren 40.46 - 71.38

    Well, this day we might better kick out of the dutch history book. The start was really a pity, she just couldnt land any of her first three jumps, double Ayel, triple Sal. At least the single Lutz - single Toe worked in the end and afterwards it got a lot better. She had a good recovery, still a pity

    Vanessa Grallert 42.83 - 72.38

    Ouch, she can do so much better, but sadly today wasnt the day. She had some lovely tempo changes and I loved her dress - really "sexy". The jumps sadly, didnt go that well, way too many mistakes today and she only got the 21th LP.

    Final result SP + LP

    1 Kalina LEWICKA GER 92.72
    2 Annika HOCKE GER 91.43
    3 Alisa STOMAKHINA AUT 88.24
    4 Lena KREITMEIER GER 83.88
    5 Julie FROETSCHER FRA 82.07
    6 Emma IGNATIUS FIN 81.76

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    Junior Ladies Short Programm

    Group One

    Svetlana Lebedeva 47.29

    She sadly fell on her triple Flip - Triple Toe combination at the start, but she recovered from that early mistake and delivered a nice and very high triple Rittberger, followed by the double Axel. Her Jumps were quite early still a nice programm no doubt. I felt that the whole outfit, music and her personality were nicely choreographed into this routine, but to be honest you dont expect anything else by the Russian team. Very fast Piourettes, including Pielman, job well done!

    Matilde Battagin 27.62

    Off she goes with a big hug of her coach. She will probably need a hug aftter her performance as well, sadly a mistake at her combo but she fought bravely. Great triple Sal at the start

    Matilde Gianocca 41.35

    Hop Switz, she had some fans sitting right next to me, some of the boys that skated earlier. First of all she never lost her smile, I really enjoyed that! The double Axel was quite late and she performed a very nice step sequence as well, it worked lovely in combination with her open minded personality and the music. Sarah Maier left a big footprint for the swizz skating family to fill, after she waved goodbye at Bern in 2011. I will ring all my cow bells for Matilde and hope that she can keep her positive attitude!

    Lotte Tauber 24.42

    Flying sit spin aborted, but also the Axel at the start wasnt going that well sadly. She performed a nice double Flip - double Toe though!

    Alissa Scheidt 40.62

    Carmen in the house, or not really but whenever someone wears black and red I remember Carmen! Really like her dress those colours just never get old. She performed a Tango and she really nailed that one on the ice. You totally bought it when she kept throwing that really arrogant look over to you. Nice triple Sal - double Toe at the begin as well! Very flexible young Lady she is, loved her spins and Pirouettes.

    Group two

    Michaela Du Toit 37.93

    Wow that was great! Flawless performance if you ask me, she can bend her body like a Russian! Nice triple double combination at the begin as well, clean double Axel, nice Pirouettes. Very enjoyable! Great personality on the ice!

    Janina Makeenka 30.89

    Do you know those little boxes with a small Ballerina inside of them? If you open them up the little one does dance for you.
    Janina totally reminded me of one of those! The music with the piano supported that impression even more. While she had a few sloppy elements, it still was a really enjoyable run, very nice Layback Spin - definately one of the big highlights in her performance.

    Anastasia Vaipan Law 32.56

    There are skaters when you think they shouldnt put any jumps at all in their programm. The Brit in her white & yellow dress is one of them. I really enjoyed her skating skills, it all was so calm and in sync with the music. I allready forgot what happened to those jumps in the last minutes.

    Yana Bozhilova 25.49

    She is a very beautiful young lady, very elegant and put a mature performance on the ice. Loved her red dress. The German started with a double Flip- single Toe and her Axel sadly hat to be downgraded.

    Martina Zola 31.12

    She skated in a violet dress, she looked really great in it. Sadly she looked a bit too much into her first jump, as she just had way too much time to think about this one and therefore she fell at the triple Rittberger due the lack of rotation.

    Group Three

    Natalia Fartushina 33.13

    I always find that type of music difficult to skate to. I dont know what it is, its just my personal "feeling", like with all the things that I write down.

    Anyways, Natalia sadly fell once at the beginning when she performed her jumps like double Axel, Triple Toe and the Rittberger. After those were history she seemed a bit more stable, I liked the last spins she did, a very flexible young lady!

    Chiara Thiele 38.23

    Her brother was sitting right next to me and I think that gave her a little push, especially at the step sequence where she came up with a big smile in her face. Her double Axel had a great height, she also performed a Pielman and a nice double Lutz - double Toe. Unfortunately she put all her jumps at the begin, this is a pity but something she can work on in future.

    Elzbieta Kropa 39.26

    Her music got quieter and quieter throughout the performance, that was really a fun experience. But at the moment she pulled her boot up to the Pielman it got louder again, that was a great closing element and nicely choreographed. She also had a lovely triple Toe - double Toe combination and spread her jumps well.

    Samira Huskic 34.95

    She was performing to EUphoria in a version that I didnt know before. It kicked in right when her step sequence was about to happen, that gave the whole performance a nice push. Sadly the triple Toe combination didnt work out this time.

    Jennifer Schmidt 35.64

    Pink dress and a wonderfull smile when the step sequence started. The triple Sal combo sadly didnt go that well, but her skate to Romeo & Juliet was really nice. I love that music and I love to see skaters perform to it.

    Group 4

    Niki Wories 33.93

    I really liked the choreographie in her programm, especially the second part when also the step sequence happened. She let it all out there and finished with a big bang that suited so well to our little thunderstorm currently over Dortmund.
    Pity that the Flip combo ended with a fall, great dress by the way - which was half white and half red, looked really nice.

    Elizaveta 51.50

    There are skaters where you just watch and she was one of those. Russians must do something different than other countries, they just have an almost unlimited potential of those young Ladies.
    Maybe not all of them will win medals, but they are an absolute joy to watch.

    She performed a triple Flip - triple Toe our first triple - triple today and her choreographie was also in her face, great attitude on the ice this young lady has!

    Nicole Schott 35.70

    Sadly the first two jumps including triple Toe & triple Rittberger didnt work out at all, at least her double Axel later was better.
    She was performing to Mambo music if I am not mistaken. At least did her music remind me totally of Babe & Jonny at Dirty Dancing, even though it was that annoying cousin who asked Babe and not the sexy Jonny!

    Promsan Rattandilok Na Phuket 31.47

    Wow that was really wonderful. She is such a tiny figure and did float over the ice, wearing a black dress with slightly bling bling. Many skaters put at least one jump right at the beginning, but she had all the time in this world. Great performance, pity about the triple Sal Combo - nontheless a joy to watch.

    Taylor Ronald 30.11

    Nice Lay back spin at the start, pity about those jumps, still I liked her performance.

    Group five

    Lea Johanna Dastich 39.01

    She never lost her smile during her routine, great! I liked the speed on the triple Toe - double Toe combination, Rittberger sadly on two feet.

    Marin Ono


    Aleksandra Golovkina 45.76

    She was dressed in blue, nice gloves! She performed her jumps quite early in the programm still mostly clean, including a triple Toe - double Toe and a triple Rittberger. Step sequence a tiny tumble but she recovered well, great skating skills!

    Deimante Kizalaite 45.08

    Deimante was wearing a black dress and had a lovely choreographie, with the pointed gun and her face expressions, but she looks so much better than Tom Cruise lol. She performed a wonderful triple Lutz - double Toe combination, sadly she fell on the double Axel. A very sympathic skater, especially since she didnt pull the trigger

    Janne van den Biggelaar 27.37

    Axel and Rittberger sady not clean, but a nice double Flip - double Toe combination. I felt she lost a bit of speed in her step sequence, which was really nice at first and the end, just the middle part was a bit too slow maybe.

    Group 6

    Sarah Andersson 35.75

    She spread her jumps well, I liked the change in her music - double Axel was nicely done.

    Anne Sopie Gossens 33.48

    Was a fun opening pose, she grabbed something out of the air and threw it away once the music had started. At the end of the programm she grabbed something again. Was it snow, a bird a butterfly? Post your bets Ladies & Gentleman if I have the chance to ask her, I will do that.

    Krystsina Zakharanka 35.89

    I wonder if she is also an ice dancer, she had a few dance steps in her choreo that I actually know from ice dance. You know those when you perform right on one spot. Violin music, a bit heavy at time to my ears, but she used it well to time some of her elements with it.
    What I find a pity is, that we dont have that many people in the crowd anymore and those who are are a bit tired I believe.

    Slivia Martinelli 34.19

    I really enjoyed that programm, she is a cute young lady. She started with triple Sal - double Toe, sadly with her hand on the ice, but she came back with a good double Rittberger.

    What I liked was her interaction with the crowd. Always enjoy it if skaters dont just skate for themselves so to speak.

    Lutricia Bock 51.04

    Quite an unusual german name, but names dont matter in figure skating as we know, well except you have a Russian name of course (just kidding my dear judges)

    Lutricia really had Bock today and performed a triple Flip - triple Toe nicely. For our friends in the US and the other non german speaking countries - Bock just means that you really want to do someting. German is quite an easy language isnt it?

    Anyways, she had a very nice outfit in black with some glitter on it, especially the gloves - looked great. She is a very open minded person and I really enjoyed how the smile came out after she landed the double Axel.
    She finished off with a nice Pielmann, nice finisher for her programm and the second day here at Dortmund.

    SP standings

    1 Elizaveta YUASCHENKO RUS 51.50
    2 Lutricia BOCK GER 51.04
    3 Alsu KAYUMOVA RUS 50.70
    4 Svetlana LEBEDEVA RUS 47.29
    5 Aleksandra GOLOVKINA LTU 45.76

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    Day 2 - As it happened

    Day two featured the finals of the Advanced Novice - Boys & Girls, but also the SP of the Junior Ladies.

    Advanced Novice Boys

    Severin Reich from Germany has won the Advanced Boys Competition this morning, before the French Luc Economides who struggled a bit with one of his skating boots so that he had to join the victory ceremony one footed.

    Luc who had the more difficult programm with triple Lutz and Rittberger, while winning the LP couldnt close the gap to the German - 0.76 points were missing in the end.

    Third came another boy from France, Julian Donica who skated the second best LP to the soundtrack of Gladiator, including a triple Sal and double Axel, damn was he fast in the air! What I also loved a lot was his outfit and the way how his step sequence was choreographed, great speed there!

    A big pity was the performance of "King Arthur" who I praised so much in the first day review. He had major issues staying on his feet during the first four jumps, it took him quite some time to find his way back into the LP, he showed some massive fighting spirit and didnt give in and could land a decent triple Rittberger. The result was just the 8th LP, what a shame - he can do so much better!

    Final result:

    1 Severin REICH GER 106.99
    2 Luc ECONOMIDES FRA 106.23
    3 Julian DONICA FRA 100.00

    Advanced Novice Girls

    Also the second win of the day went to Germany. Kalina Lewicka who is skating for the MERC just like Sarah Hecken does, won the FS and the competition with a lovely performance that had lots of power. She performed a triple Toe - solo and in combination with a double Toe. Peter Sczypa seemed to be very pleased with her, but that poor thing was freezing to death on the podium after the long wait, hardly cracking a smile for the cameras.

    Talking about happy faces, as you know Annika Hocke was one of the top girls for me on day one and again she nailed a great performance on the ice. Damn she is definately a lovely one to watch and she showed such an amazing versatility today. At the SP she was really funny and naughty, the LP was more chilled so to speak but with a nice double Axel - double Toe! Needles to say that she never lost her smile not even for one second!

    I didnt know her before, so she is definately on my radar from now on and someone we have to look out for in future.

    Third came Alisa Stomakhina from Austria, who performed an amazing triple Lutz with great speed and height! The Austrian was only on 8th position after her SP and made a huge jump forwards skating the second best LP.

    A little set back for Ooana from Finland she does what so many Fins do right now, missing her jumps, while having great skating skills. Her Triple Lutz just didnt work today, but its also a very dififcult element! In my opinion she is someone that we should look out for in future, she knows her stuff and there are going to be better days in future for sure.After Laura´s and Susannas disappearance, I so hope to see a Fin again on the Podium soon, miss them to be honest and the Olympics will also happen without them sadly.

    Final result:

    1 Kalina LEWICKA GER 92.72
    2 Annika HOCKE GER 91.43
    3 Alisa STOMAKHINA AUT 88.24

    Junior Ladies

    Last but not least the SP of the Junior Ladies and I was so lookin forward to the Russians and I for sure wasnt disappointed, just one young German girl managed to break into the Russian dominance today.

    Lets start with the German girl, credit goes where credit is due after all! Her name Lutricia Bock. Doesnt ring a bell? Well she didnt for me either, but her performance was really great to see and she is just trailing behind by 0.46 points.
    On top right now with some amazing skating skills is Elizaveta Yuaschenko - she totally got me with her performance. It was a great joy to watch, great expression in her face!

    Third with a great interpretation of her quite dramatic programm is Alsu Kayumova, especially the step sequence was great! There is only a small margain of 0.80 within the top three girls and Svetlana Lebedeva is while 4th a young lady we should not write off either. With a better performance at her combination, she would be much closer than she is right now with about 4 points behind.


    1 Elizaveta YUASCHENKO RUS 51.50
    2 Lutricia BOCK GER 51.04
    3 Alsu KAYUMOVA RUS 50.70

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