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Thread: Ryan Bradley (2011 U.S. Champion) to do commentary for Universal Sports

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    Ryan Bradley (2011 U.S. Champion) to do commentary for Universal Sports

    Ryan Bradley
    Looking forward to making my @universalsports debut for Grand Prix #FigureSkating in Nov! TV times here:

    That should be interesting! I don't have Universal Sports, so those of you who do, please let me know how he does (though maybe I can hear though highlight videos on Universal Sports' YouTube channel).

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    I love Ryan! but anything is better than Peter Carruthers.

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    I really hope he does some homework on CoP. He has the personality and charm to be a "friendly" analyst, but hopefully he will use that aspect of his personality to attempt to 'teach' fans how to better understand the scores and results. Potentially a hopeless endeavor but an important one.

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    I have no problem with Carruthers, especially commenting on Pairs.

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