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Thread: Men FS - Cup of China 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post
    ITA. I expected him to change his style and have better programs after changing coaches, but it's all the same again... It's a pity. He really has more talent than what his choreographers could come up with.
    I think with Amodio he does what he wants to do...I just get that feeling. Maybe this is the best he can do for this point in his life maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poodlepal View Post
    Ricky was the best one. Or would've been if he had landed a quad. Well, maybe Kotvun was a little better (or would've been). The Chinese guy was dull--I wasn't impressed. What was Florent trying to do? He dressed like a nerd, but it had little to do with his music or whatever theme he was putting forward. He should go back to Michael Jackson, or Prince, or Stevie Wonder, or somebody. He was good at that, it suited him.
    It seems that you do have a lot of show, considering that you mention the other competitors by their names but for Yan 'the Chinese guy'. I believe everyone should pay a little respect even if you don't like this guy. Right?

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    To me, Han Yan's performance was pretty good for a senior GP debut. I think his PCs were a bit high given his performance...I would have him in mid-high 70s but not an 80. I am just using other skaters' PCs as a basis for comparison since I am no PCs expert (lol). I see potential in him, he has very smooth skating and nice jumps. I think his programs need more polish and mileage, but definitely a fine skater

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    Watched the men's fs earlier this afternoon... let's see what I can remember:

    Amodio's fs is terrible. Even if he had his jumps, the program is empty... it felt as if he was doing a practice run through and left out most of the choreography. That said, he is a talented skater and with the Olympics this is a long season (I'm pretty sure he will make it to team France) so I won't count him out yet.

    Kozuka's sweat stains was really distracting. I noticed it during SA and was surprised he didn't change it between the two competitions. There's some lovely touches to the program but he looks off (even his vaunted ss wasn't really there today). I guess the Olympic season is getting to him. Hopefully he can regroup between now and Nationals to put up a battle for an Olympic spot.

    Ten's recent health issues sounds pretty harrowing. So I'm impressed he was able to get through the competition in pretty good shape (neither injured nor visibly out of breath). The program was definitely made to be Olympic worthy. Although, I feel as if Lori made a Patrick Chan program and gave it to Ten (at times I felt I was watching a mini-Chan). I guess he doesn't have any more events until Sochi? Lots of time to heal up and get the program under his belt.

    Han Yan is another skater that reminds me of Patrick (something about the way he skates and jumps). He lost a lot of steam near the end of his program and it felt a bit turgid. I thought his program lacked transitions and complexity, and was surprised at his high PCS. Poo-poohing aside, I really think he has it in him to be the next dominating man in men's figure skating. The jumps and skating skills are there... and there seems to be that intangible charisma to him.

    This was the first time I've actually watched Kovtun. While I do see his potential and talent I don't understand why Johnny Weir (who is the NBC commentator) kept saying that he is so strong artistically. He has stiff knees and his body often looks rigid. Something about his skating style reminds me a bit of a cross between Evan Lysacek and Kevin Reynolds (with a dash of Plushenko). That said, this is just my first impression... perhaps he will impressed me with his artistry at his next competition.

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