Hi everybody,
Considering the poor showing of Carolina Kostner at Cup of china this weekend, I wanted to hear some thoughts on her new programs, what are her chances and how she could improve during the rest of the season.

I have read some comments that she should go back to her previous 2012-13 programs...do you think it would be the right strategy or she should concentrate on improving what she has on her hands now?

My personal opinion is that the poor technical showing has made the programs even less appealing, but that overall it almost seems like she reserved the less suitable programs to her for the olympic season
Almost as if Lori Nichol did not put the same amount of thought into choosing the music...and it seems very strange.

Do you think her team has realized the weakness of the programs? Oris it just everybody's impression because she was not skating clean?

Should she compete at some B competitions to gain some experience?

No bashing necessary