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What is "politicking" after all? Perhaps Patrick Chan is the face the International skating world wants to represent them and it is THEM that is forgiving of his lapses rather than any particular cabal of Canadian judges and big wigs.
I wouldn't be surprised if that sort of politicking isn't even encouraged.
You may have something there. I was talking to my sister about how Mao's PCS had gone up another knotch this season and that the judges were giving her alot of love, and my sister made the remark that maybe besides the fact that Mao has actually improved, the judges want to send the message to other skaters that if you put in the hard work to improve your skating skills and re-learn the right technique, it does make a difference. They want all skaters to know that if you improve your basics no matter when it occurs in your career, the judges do notice it, and they do reward it, and therefore, taking the risk of changing everything can be worth the effort.

Besides Patrick, Carolina has gotten an enormous amount of love from the judges over the years, more so than Yuna has probably. It may be that the judges were willing to forgive Carolina's many lapses because they really love her skating skills.

Of course, Yuna has gotten alot of love from the judges as well, but I think it was not so much about her skating skills as much as the fact that she is so very clean. Judges really love clean performances and suddenly the GOEs go a bit higher than they ought to.

Judges also love Dai as well, but again, I think, for another reason. With Dai, I don't think it's his skating skills or him being clean that they love but his magnetic charisma. If you are as magnetic as Dai, then your PCS goes up just that little bit more.

So, if you have Patrick's/Carolina's skating skills, can do your performance clean like Yuna does with Dai's magnetic charisma, that probably for ISU would be the perfect skater.