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I realized I never responded to your other post, but it's related to the post above so...

Even though the OGM is one of their key goals, I also get the sense they are having more fun and loving what they do more than ever. But every time I see them, they seem to exude so much joy. When they finish, aside from Charlie's asthma, you get the sense, they want to go back and do it all over again.

Even if they get the OGM out of the way, they may have other goals/aspirations/reasons that would lead them to staying for a year or two (or another quad).

On the other hand, I think they're also eager to graduate from college...they've been at it for seven years!

I believe Nathan will be old enough to compete in seniors in 2014-2015. And Vincent Zhou will be old enough in 2015-2016, though he would have been in seniors nationally this season had it not been for his injury.

Gosh 2018 Nationals is already looking to be brutal at this point. Same goes for 2016 and 2017! Here's hoping that we can get three spots back soon!
Well if D and W are looking for something bigger they certainly aren't trying harder - they somehow pick the same kind of music - nothing new, nothing innovative. Like I said they would be the perfect disney on ice skaters. Ithink technically hey are the best right now but artistically I don't see it. But I am not a judge.