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After watching the performance some more and thinking everything over, here are my thoughts on Yuna's SP...keep in mind this is season debut and Yuna has just recently recovered from injury. Her stamina is not there and I don't expect a perfect skate at the beginning of the season. Any criticism should be considered in that light, however I have faith that like last year she will only improve and refine the program by Sochi. I'm worried at the beginning of the year but I expect to be left in awe by an immortal performance in February!

Music cut and overall impression:

Wow! Congrats Yuna and David on a terrific choice. This music is very nostalgic, happy and sad at the same time. I can only think "parting is such sweet sorrow" when I hear the music and watch Yuna skate her final SP at the same time. I am certain this will be one of Yuna's best SP if not very best, right there with Danse Macabre in my opinion. In fact if I think on it now, I'm inclined to say that Send in the Clowns is #1 because it's more beautiful and meaningful.

Yuna herself:

I can't help but worry that something is wrong with Yuna at the moment. Either she is just tired from the injury and being out of shape, or maybe something else is troubling her. I feel like last year, despite what she said in public, she was out to prove herself during her comeback, and she had tremendous focus and intensity even during practice runs. This week in Zagreb, from the practices to the competition, she seems distant. Some of her magic is not there. This can make all the difference, even without her magic and superior musicality, Yuna can make a big score and look beautiful skating a beautiful program. But ... it looks like a figure skating program rather than a timeless work of art. It looks like she is skating with music playing in the background, just a much better version of a figure skater compared to the other competitors.

But when Yuna is at her very best, she becomes one with the music and the program and she transcends the sport and time itself. Her very best performances are timeless.

Some ideas:

Though that magic was not there in today's SP, I think it can be by the Olympics. This has the potential to be a very very special program. I really trust that Yuna will polish the performance as the season progresses. There may be some room for subtle changes to expressions and choreography.

The biggest idea for improvement I can think of concerns her approach to the program. Yuna need not portray the nostalgic heroine from the musical -- she should portray her own nostalgic self! My technical knowledge of figure skating is limited, but is it possible she could add very simple elements to her choreography during transitions or step sequences? Could she add some very basic elements she first learned when she was a young girl? After the big jumps are out of the way I would love to see an emotional walk back through memory lane, what I envision in my mind is Yuna wistfully remembering her novice and junior and senior skating days and expressing this through choreography elements. I realize there are many technical requirements she must meet during the program but surely there are ways to weave these in? Just an idea!


I have a mixed opinion on the dress. I am not against yellow, I think it's a bold and mature color for a woman to pull off. Given the right color and cut I think Yuna looks very beautiful in yellow. This is despite my preference for a white dress before Yuna debuted her costume.

That said, I'm not convinced about the shade of yellow for the dress. I think the designer was looking for something more autumn like, but it might be more beautiful to use a slightly brighter color. This would also impart a more mature look and contrast well against the sad elements of the program.

Finally, I think the embroidery or whatever it is looks bad. Yuna looks like a knight wearing chain mail. I think the fit of the dress could be better too.

Final impressions:

Good job Yuna 73 huge score! Your season debut was way better than any other program this year. Now the trick is to polish the program and turn it into another one of your masterpieces by the next two and a half months.

What I would love to see is a more mature looking and bright dress -- I want to see a mature, beautiful, grown up woman taking a trip down memory lane and remembering her journey from little girl to where she is now. That's the masterpiece that I think David and Yuna have set us up for. This SP should be a prelude to the final battle, her swansong, which is the LP. Before Yuna engages that challenge, the most difficult of her career, she returns to all of the memories of her skating and life, with tears and sadness but also with smiles and happiness. The journey prepares her for the LP and her final goodbye.
Ven, I am not sure if you will see this post, but in case you do, I just have to say this. Your post was so touching and beautiful, even if I am not the biggest Yuna fan, especially the part about making a little journey back to the time when Yuna was a novice girl and walk through her skater career through her program before making the final exit. I haven't read anything so beautiful and moving in years.