I wish I had started this thread because I ask myself the same question at the start of every new season.

My interest began in the early 70s, particularly the 1972 Olympics. As a non-athletic type, I was dazzled by what the skaters could do on that thin blade, just as I was by gymnasts. Also back then it was easier to keep up with the sport since so much of it was broadcast on ABC’s Wide World of Sports and such. Now I struggle to find scraps of news on the Internet and in forums like this, which, of course pales in comparison to seeing the actual skating competitions.

Michelle Kwan kept me interested until 2006, then Alissa Czisny captured my attention, both because she is an exquisite skater (if not competitor) and because she is from Bowling Green, Ohio where I completed my undergraduate degree. I want to see the “hometown girl” succeed.

I’m assuming Alissa will retire from skating after this season, and after the Sochi games, I’m retiring from it too. It just all seems to have lost its punch and sparkle, I’m tired of the “one season wonders”, I don’t get to watch it anymore, and I’m over the nastiness that crops up on the forums, so it’ll be a natural, gradual withdraw. * sigh *