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I'm not talking about technical. Since people seem obsessed with the fact that they think Baiul was the most artistic lady competing in Lillehammer, I made a case for having Witt, who was the most artistic competing there.
Nobody is saying a competition should be judged 100% on artistry though. Not even the ones defending Baiul's win. The people defending Baiul's win feel her artistry was superior to Kerrigan by even more than her technical was inferior. It is not like Kerrigan's program was technically stunning when you think about it. Only 5 triples, 2 of them triple toes, no triple flip, and her triple-triple combnation was the easiest one in the book. Obviously you could never say that about Witt who technically was a novice level jumper by then, and only made top 10 due to her artistry, competitiveness, and some generous scores due to her reputation.