I was so upset about posters here suggesting that Jeff won Four Continents because it was held here in Canada that I wrote Debbi Wilkes to get her opinion.

Here is what she wrote me:

"I was right there rinkside ... and you're right, it was not Jeff's best
skate ... however jumping to the conclusion that it was rigged because it was in Canada is ... horrible!

Yes, Evan had a great skate, jump-wise, but with almost no program choreography. For Emanuel ... he got close to the last half of the program and threw the program out chucking in triple jumps wherever he could jam them ... adding up content, yes, but obliterating the choreography.

Jeff on the other hand had to add elements too but he did it in a way that didn't abandon the artistic goals of the program. He kept his head while everyone else around him was losing theirs, stuck to his choreography and only added jumps where it was approriate.

I thought the judges had an impossible job but did it very well. The outcome was so close, Jeff won on a majority of 2nd places!"

I thought we were going to end the bashing habit.