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A malicious and very sneaky e-mail worm called "MyDoom" is spreading so quickly and does so much damage that computer security experts have warned this is the worst threat in months. This is one virus you don't want your PC to contract because everything you type--including passwords and credit card numbers--will be seen by the hacker who sent you the virus.

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Dubbed "W32/MyDoom" or "Novarg," the worm arrives in an e-mail using random senders' addresses and random subject lines. The body of the text message also varies, but CNN reports that it usually includes what appears to be an error message, such as: "The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment." New Scientist warns of another message that is sometimes presented: "Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available." Even the file attachment is randomly different and could contain any of the following extensions: pif, .zip, and .csr. Of course, YOU know not to download or open any executable files or attachments you are not expecting because they could contain viruses, but others may not be as savvy. "This one is almost begging you to click on the attachment," Sharon Ruckman, the head of anti-virus firm Symantec's security response team, told CNN.

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Once a computer is infected with MyDoom, it launches Notepad and shows random characters. While it's doing that, it e-mails itself to everyone in the victim's address book and installs a "keystroke" program that allows a hacker to break into the PC and record everything that is typed--including passwords and credit card numbers. Be careful! Do not download strange attachments, and make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.

The most common password of all is...