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Thread: Looking To Buy New Car - Any Recommendations

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    Question Looking To Buy New Car - Any Recommendations

    I once owned a Toyota and also a Honda. Both were excellent cars. I now drive a Geo (don't laugh - it's paid for and gets great gas mileage). However, I really need to buy a newer car as my Geo is ten years old now.

    I want something reliable, economical, but comfortable to drive. I also would like an automatic now and would prefer power brakes and steering.

    Any recommendations out there? I had thought about a Toyota Echo. I heard they are very nice.

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    Wish I could help you out, Lad. My car is going on 7 years, and I need to eke 3 more years out of her. My next car will definitely not be a new car, but one maybe two years old with the warranty still intact. Have you tried consumers report? Are you looking for safety or good gas mileage? If safety's your aim, I would recommend a truck.......seriously...........42
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    Hi Lad-
    I've only owned Honda cars except for my very first car a Opel Cadet wagon, paid $800 for it in 1977.

    My husband just bought one of the new Honda Elements and loves it. He's a old time surfer and the car is perfect for him. I have a Honda Accord that I bought new in 1996 and it still looks new and drives just perfect. I would like to give my oldest son my car so I could buy me a new one, but one new car in the family is enough

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    I've owned a Mitsubishi Galant since 1996 and have never had any technical problems with it. It's a great 4 door vehicle and I feel very comfortable in it.

    When this one goes out to pasture I'm probably going to get another Galant.

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    I'm all for Honda Accords. My brother is a mechanic and has nothing but praise for them. I drove a 93 Accord FOREVER and that had to be the most reliable few problems and it would never die! And, the Accords from 98 and on are all beautiful cars to boot! Good luck, Ladskater. If you have any questions I'd certainly relay them to my brother, he is the car guru for my family!

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    I second BronzeIsGold on the Honda accords. I have a '94 and I love it! I bought it used; it's got over 132,000 miles on it and still going strong! It also gets great gas mileage. (I didn't realize how great until I recently got rear-ended. My car's in the shop right now, and last week, I did significantly less driving than I normally do and still had to get gas after less than a week, and I didn't even drive every day because I got snowed into my house! I can normally go ten days with my Accord. And I commute 30-45 minutes each way five days a week, plus weekend driving....) My father also just recently bought a Honda CRV, and he loves it! But obviously, a vehicle that size would not get the same gas mileage as an Accord would...

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