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Thread: Men's Free Skate: 2013 NHK Trophy

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    ^ Well, he only does one spin before virtually all of the jumps are completed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki View Post
    I disgaree about Oda's PCs being "overly high". If Javier can get 80+ in PCs for his skating, I think Oda deserves the same!

    When I first saw Oda in 2010, I thought he was a very expressive skater - must've been the Charlie Chaplin LP. But imho, I would consider Oda a pretty decent skater both in technical ability, and artistic expression. Maybe I am just a minority, but when he has the right programs and packaging, Oda is very entertaining!
    Hey, good for you that you enjoy Oda so much. His great jumping ability (amazing spring and soft knees) is undeniable. He has great flow over the ice, and definitely his Fed and coaching team have done much over the years to try and package his skills to his best advantage. Still, despite his talent and infectious smile, I'm not won over by his skating. But the fact judges love his jumping ability and thus tend toward giving him high PCS is what makes the difference, no matter what fans think, pro or con.

    ITA with Johnny Weir's honest and fair commentary re Oda on NBC's NHK broadcast.

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