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Thread: Asada's 3A: underrotated or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilvskating View Post
    Let's face this: Mao has better rotations than quite a few men's 3A that got justified, including the same event for Dai's. Just because she is a girl and she got the extra scrutiny.
    I don't think that guys should get a pass either. Also, Mao didn't get scrutinized more than guys do, but rather the opposite: landed=perfect, as to where guys need more than just a landing to say "perfect".
    Quote Originally Posted by skatel80 View Post
    I really wish people would stop with the skid=cheat nonsense, There is nothing wrong with the quarter rotation skid on maos 3a take off, it is a perfectly acceptable axel take off. Anyone who says its cheating has clearly got no understanding of jump mechanics, it is almost impossible to do a 3a with no skid, a clean edge take off often results in an axel that tips out of the circle (Adelina Sotnikovas 2a is an example of this) a slight skid on an axel take off is good.
    Skids shouldn't be acceptable because jump revolutions get power from takeoff. If skids counted as part of jump revolutions, so should the twizzles. I agree skids are often inevitable for many skaters prior to takeoff. However, 3A is harder than other triples becuase it rotates 3.5 (+/-qtr) rev., not 3.0 (+/- qtr), and that extra 0.5 rev. should be made up in the air; otherwise, 3A would be nothing more than a 3.0 rev. edge jump, only distinguished by the forward takeoff. Same for all other jumps; revolutions should count in the air.

    I know this topic makes Mao sound bad, which makes me feel bad. It has been an ongoing topic throughout her senior career, and I just wish her team had focused on her other jumps earlier on - which then she would've been more successful, as her potential had suggested.
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