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I'm not seeing how Mao has improved her jumps in any way. Her jumps looked more rotated in previous competitions and looked worse at NHK so to speak of an improvement is slighly erroneous in my opinion.
So are you an expert in figure skating technique?

Sano Minoru (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoru_Sano) was on Japanese television post-NHK and said that men in general spend 0.7 seconds in the air when they jump and that Mao's air time has now probably increased to 0.6 seconds because she is jumping higher than before. He estimated that she is jumping 1-2 centimeters higher now than in the previous season and that that would make all the difference in the world in terms of landing them well. He also said that Mao is actually rotating more quickly than in previous seasons as well.

He seemed quite confident that Mao's jump has improved and is likely to improve more. And why don't people trust the protocol a bit more?