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Thread: Interview with Berton/Hotarek: “David Wilson marked our turning point"

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    Interview with Berton/Hotarek: “David Wilson marked our turning point"

    Pingu (Laura) and I had the great opportunity to meet Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek right after their victory at the Skate Canada Gran Prix event. Here is an in-dept interview with them, we really hope you will enjoy it! We had the chance to discuss their reverse lasso lift and they explained us many interesting details about the “backstage” work on it, we also talked about how working with Wilson was a great step ahead for them and how they think they will reach the 200 points goal. Stefania and Ondrej are very nice people and you will also find some funny stories about them in the interview!

    Let us know what you think about it

    Here is the link to our interview for Neveitalia
    ENG version :
    ITA version :

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    Excellent interview! Thanks fot r the post. This is a topic that I have wondered about, how to save the lady during a lift if something goes wrong:

    Stefania Berton: Ondrej's main doubt was: “How can I save her if something goes wrong?” I am upside down and thus not able to “save” myself. Once we were trying the lift and I was not completely rotated – a quarter of rotation was missing. This caused my body to start swinging up and down, making Ondrej trip immediately. When that happened, we both fell. It happened this summer, in June, while we were trying the lift on the ice. Ondrej was able to fall while laying me on his back, I didn't even touch the ice. At the end, the one who got hurt was Ondrej!
    Things are looking good for Italy's chances in the Olympic team competition.

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    Thank you for posting! I've been friends with Ondrej since he started skating for Italy. I am glad things are working out for him and Stefania!

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